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Analyzing patterns to improve IT service delivery

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Data is a key asset for any organization. However, when data is stored in independent silos it thwarts actionable insights and visibility into an organization's performance. Analytical and data visualization tools help in unifying these data islands, analyzing hidden data patterns and unlocking useful insights.

In recent years, ITSM has become an integral part of an organization's strategy. Organizations are seeking ways to deliver high-quality IT services efficiently, via better ITSM processes. In order to identify process inefficiencies, it is critical to analyze data, observe data patterns from service desk tools.

Watch this webinar to know how to use analytics to

  • Identify data patterns using visual analysis to spot trends easily.
  • Correlate data from multiple sources and get unified visibility into your IT.
  • Create live dashboards to make continuous improvements in ITSM processes.


Rakesh Jayaprakash

Product Management Associate, ManageEngine

About Rakesh Jayaprakash

Rakesh Jayaprakash is a product management associate involved in product design and building integrations with third party applications. Rakesh has worked with multiple ManageEngine products for over 6 years, helping customers implement products and processes.