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Busting the analytics myth:
Can analytics really help you improve help desk processes?

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The ubiquitous influence of analytics in IT and its endless advantages, is a commonly discussed topic. But do you ever wonder if it sounds too good to be true?

Apart from reporting, what else does analytics tell you that you don't really know already. To find out more, join us for a session as we put analytics to the test, and bust a few myths.

  • Can analytics offer new insight into your help desk?
  • Aside from basic help desk reporting features, what else does analytics have to offer?
  • Does analytics have any role to play in defining your helpdesk strategy?


Rakesh Jayaprakash

Product Manager, Analytics Plus

About Rakesh Jayaprakash

Rakesh Jayaprakash is a product manager involved in product design and building integrations with third party applications. Rakesh has worked with multiple ManageEngine products for over 6 years, helping customers implement products and processes.