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Mitigate endpoint security gaps for your remote workforce using analytics

With about 90 percent of the workforce working remotely across the globe, learn how IT teams can leverage analytics to mitigate security gaps and ensure the security of mobile devices.

Presented by

Sailakshmi B

Marketing Analyst, ManageEngine


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The recent pandemic has pushed millions of employees across the world into a work-from-home environment. This sudden shift in work culture has posed numerous security-related challenges for IT teams.

Join this webinar where we'll discuss how analytics can work in tandem with endpoint security applications like Mobile Device Manager Plus to establish strong security layers, and deter hackers and malware from penetrating your mobile devices. In this session, you'll learn about:

  • The current state of endpoint security.
  • How to craft a holistic approach to ensure endpoint security.
  • The steps to secure your endpoints.