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Save big with advanced analytics for ServiceDesk Plus asset management

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Orgnaizations direct a major portion of their IT budgets towards acquiring and maintaining hardware and software assets. It is important to spend on the right set of assets that meet business needs, and also make sure assets are utilized to their fullest potential. This is where advanced analytics for asset management can help. By leveraging analytics, asset managers can analyze the life cycle of assets and gain critical insights on asset usage and maintenance, as well as stay on top of potential risks arising from non-compliance.

In this session, we'll discuss all the ways advanced analytics for asset management can help you,

  1. Make better purchase decisions
  2. Optimize asset distribution and usage
  3. Minimize risk arising from asset failure and non-compliance
  4. Reduce support costs involved in maintaining assets
  5. Better track asset disposal

About the Speaker

Sailakshmi B

Marketing Analyst, Analytics Plus

About Sailakshmi

Sailakshmi is a marketing analyst at ManageEngine, who's focused on helping people identify and troubleshoot problems in their IT atmosphere by implementing analytics. She currently drives marketing initiatives for Analytics Plus through webinars, blogs, and e-books.