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How to measure the ROI of IT operations

Quantifying the intrinsic benefits of IT operations
using advanced analytics.

Presented by

Sailakshmi B

Marketing Analyst, ManageEngine

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Unlike marketing, DevOps, and other similar departments, IT has historically struggled to demonstrate its value to the business. IT-owned top-of-the-line infrastructure, tools, and technology take up a lion's share of the orgzanizations' budget but bring in no new revenue. This exerts intense pressure on IT leaders to quantify the benefits obtained by IT spending and report the ROI on IT investments.

So how do you show that the new infrastructure investments have helped reduce downtime? Or demonstrate that the newly-implemented changes have increased profits indirectly? This is why you need integrated analytics to converge IT into a single pane of glass and to gain a 360-degree view of your entire IT infrastructure.

Join us for a free webinar where we'll discuss:

  • Visually tracking IT spending across sub-departments and assess the ROI of each department's spending.
  • Structuring IT budgets across departments based on requirements, output, and impact on critical business objectives.
  • Correlating data from different IT sub-departments and viewing how activities in one department affect others.
  • Unifying IT analytics, including improving productivity, enhancing effectiveness of delivered solutions, and reducing IT expenses.