Challenges faced by the education sector


Manual tasks

Educational institutes often still store and manage large amounts of data in physical mediums, but manually entering and tracking all this data can be tedious. Long gone are the days where ledgers and notebooks should be used for tasks such as taking attendance, evaluating exam scores, and submitting assignments.


Paper-driven documentation

Many educational institutions still use paper-based documentation, which is time-consuming and inefficient. This can lead to errors, delays, and lost data. Educators must also manually update and organize documents, which can be a time-consuming task and can lead to difficulty in locating specific documents and information quickly.



Spreadsheets and paper documents are not easily accessible outside of wherever they're stored, making it difficult to share information with remote employees or students. Every time a change is made, the collaborators need to be informed, making this extremely inconvenient in a large educational institute where many individuals are involved. There is also no capability on spreadsheets and physical papers to have individual access points for students, teacher, parents, and admins.


Digital illiteracy

Technology is rapidly evolving and schools must keep up with the latest advancements to remain competitive. Many educational institutions lack this digital literacy needed to increase support for online learning and teaching. Without the right technology, it can be difficult to provide a high-quality educational experience. Education management solutions can help schools quickly and easily integrate the latest technology into their existing systems while improving student experience.

Benefits of using a custom school management software

  • Admin tasks

    Custom school management software can help streamline administrative tasks by automating processes such as course registration, student record-keeping, and tracking of school-wide activities. It can also provide administrators with real-time access to important data, such as enrollment numbers, teacher schedules, and attendance.

    Admin tasks
  • Course planning

    Simplify the process of creating and managing course schedules, timetables, and syllabuses. Custom school management solutions can also provide tools to set up classes easily, assign instructors, as well as track course enrollment—all visible though a single dashboard.

    Course planning
  • Attendance tracking

    Schools can now have complete visibility to monitor student attendance by providing real-time access to attendance records. They can also view generated reports to help administrators and teachers identify students who are frequently absent and those who have a perfect record.

    Attendance tracking
  • Communications

    Custom solutions for education can be used to facilitate the communication between teachers, students, and administrators. It can provide access to send out SMS notifications for various use-cases such as course updates, reminders, attendance notifications, as well as maintain a centralized contact list of parents and teachers.

  • Accounting and fees

    Education institutes can manage their finances and easily track tuition payments and other fees. It can also provide reporting capabilities to help administrators monitor their budget, collect fees online, and view the status of fee payments,—all by integrating their custom solution with a payment gateway.

    Accounting and fees
Admin tasks

What are the advantages of custom school management software built on AppCreator?

Low-code is revolutionizing the way IT is delivered in education. Low-code platforms such as AppCreator enable teachers, students, and administrators to quickly and easily create powerful, feature-rich applications without learning complex coding languages.

  • Track assignments
  • Manage attendance
  • Assign homework
  • Conduct admissions
  • Automate manual tasks
  • Oversee accounting
  • Create class schedules
  • Enable SMS notifications
  • Use digital grading systems
  • Automate the admission process

Give your educational institute a digital upgrade with AppCreator

With a low-code platform like AppCreator, you can build tailor-made education software on your own, with little to no coding knowledge. From admin staff and teachers, to parents and students, custom education management software can cater to all the users involved in digitally running an educational institution. Moreover, if you have an existing database set up, our migration tool lets you upload your data instantly and begin the app making process effortlessly! So are you ready for your digital upgrade?

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