Challenges faced by logistics organizations


Dependence on paperwork

A reliance on paperwork is widely prevalent in the logistics industry. This is primarily due to a lack of digitization. Also, logistics personnel may not be tech-savvy, compounding the problem. Paperwork results in a greater operational overhead, an increased turnaround time for business processes, and decreased stakeholder satisfaction due to inordinate delays.


A unique business model

No two logistics organizations are alike. It is an accepted fact that businesses, like business processes, are unique. Likewise, each logistics business will have its own domain with its own specific requirements. This makes cookie-cutter off-the-shelf software solutions incompatible with logistics organizations.


A lack of dedicated taxation software

Dedicated software that can assist with processing logistics-specific expenditures, such as tax invoices, is required. These types of billing processes demand custom solutions because prebuilt, rigid solutions for computing business-specific expenditures cannot meet the specific requirements of each business.


Archaic legacy software

Conventional logistics software is based on legacy architecture. ERP systems that were implemented years ago in organizations are now outdated and need to be replaced. Constantly changing business processes require software to be updated frequently. Frequent updates are not possible with legacy software architecture, so new software is required.

Streamline your logistics operations


Automate manual business processes

With a low-code platform like AppCreator, the rapid digitization of manual processes is made possible. Business processes are easily and seamlessly automated using the user-friendly application building tools offered by our platform, guaranteeing improved process efficiency and organizational productivity.


Scale with your business's growth

Low-code applications scale automatically with the changing user base of your logistics organization. There is no need to reengineer applications constantly for a varying number of users.


Create a centralized repository for all operations

All the varied departments of your logistics operations can be unified into a single whole using low-code applications. This is because low-code applications make integrations between different departments easy. There will be no more siloed departments causing confusion and a lack of coordination.


Gain visibility into your supply chain

Granular insights into all your supply chain operations are possible through harnessing low-code applications. A low-code application building platform like AppCreator allows you to create visual dashboards, helping you see where your bottlenecks are. Dashboards also provide insights into how to tweak your supply chain for optimal efficiency.

Optimize your supply chain with custom logistics software

  • Fleet management

    Track your fleet in real time. Build reports with AppCreator's report builder to know which trips are profitable and which are not. Gain insights into how to rightsize your fleet size based on actionable data. Use interactive dashboards to visualize your fleet's strength.

    Fleet management
  • Personnel management

    Employee management is made easy with AppCreator's low-code capabilities. Quickly build modules to track attendance, disburse salaries, and oversee metrics to measure employee productivity.

    Personnel management
  • Warehouse management

    Maintain complete control over your inventory. View stock levels through rich dashboards, build powerful workflows using AppCreator's workflow builder to gauge demand, and manage storage seamlessly.

    Warehouse management
  • Accounting management

    With AppCreator's template-based reporting features, easily generate PDF invoices for your accounting operations. Create interactive reports to supervise and manage your cash flows. Know where you are spending and where you can save.

    Accounting management
Fleet management

Digitize your supply chain effortlessly

Use AppCreator's easy-to-use application building tools to digitize your supply chain quickly. Empower your organization's line-of-business users to deploy applications on their own and reduce dependence on IT teams. Streamline your logistics operations with custom-built applications tailored to your organizational processes.

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