Challenges faced by manufacturing organizations


Demand forecasting

This is a persistent problem in manufacturing. Correctly forecasting demand determines profit and loss. Produce more than the actual demand, and excessive supply can prompt price reductions and an overall smaller profit per unit. Produce less than the actual market requirements, you end up with significantly unmet demand and unrealized profits. Manufacturing organizations need to chisel out perfect demand forecasting to remain viable and sustainable.


Labor challenges

Global calamities, such as the COVID pandemic, have wrought havoc upon the workforce. Combine this with a huge section of the workforce's baby boomer generation retiring, you have a veritable personnel problem. Skilled labor is hard to find, and retaining talented personnel is even harder. An organization with a dedicated and skilled workforce is a well-oiled machine, generating high productivity. However, with these labor challenges, this is a challenging objective.


Rising inflation

Rising costs for raw materials and components, driven by accelerating inflation, increase manufacturing costs. The mark-up price margin is impacted, so costs increase and revenue dwindles. This reduces profit.


Supply chain disruptions

Supply chains across the world are affected due to several factors, including natural disasters and other unforeseen calamities. Lockdowns mean zero production of raw-materials and components. Delays in supplies, disruptions in transport, and scarcity of fabrication components prolong the manufacture of commodities. These supply chain obstacles stall the manufacturing ecosystem.

The mandate for custom manufacturing software

The mandate for custom manufacturing software

Given these challenges, it is imperative that manufacturing organizations are equipped with the right tools to tackle them. In the 21st century, digitization is a proven game-changer for manufacturing industries. However, merely utilizing prebuilt software will not accomplish the objective, as each industry's processes are unique, and off-the-shelf software is not customizable. What's required is custom software and bespoke applications which can bolster an organization's prospects in a volatile environment by helping them tackle the unique challenges each faces.

Benefits of using a custom manufacturing software


Digitize manual operations

Traditional assembly lines are manual in nature. Most of the inherent assembly activities are executed by hand. Mechanization—or robotic process automation (RPA)—is the next step. By harnessing a low-code platform like AppCreator, using minimal software code, custom operations and manufacturing management software solutions can be built. This software can assist in seamless RPA of traditional assembly lines. Thus, manual operations can be efficiently digitized and automated, and this means reduced errors and improved product quality.


Handle assembly disruptions

Whenever a fault arises in a manufacturing operation, the entire assembly line can grind to a halt. This enforces unforeseen operational expenditure, via repairs, and lost productivity. By utilizing AppCreator, users can build custom applications to monitor the assembly line for disruptions. These can then be instantly identified, and the concerned stakeholders are notified immediately via application alerts so that corrective action to resolve the obstacles can be carried out immediately.


Granularly monitor organizational processes

Monitoring workflows and organizational processes is important for productivity, efficiency, and accountability. With paper-based systems, monitoring a manufacturing endeavor is slow, cumbersome, and inefficient. The solution? Custom manufacturing applications. These empower stakeholders to granularly oversee each and every process flow in the organization. This grants the powers that be with the necessary tools to supervise operations efficiently to resolve bottlenecks.


Improve throughput

Digitization powered by custom applications opens the doors to improved throughput, enhanced efficiency, compounded productivity, and significant monetary savings. More commodities can be manufactured cheaper in a shorter span of time, when compared to the conventional ways of fabricating products.

What benefits can you gain from custom manufacturing software solutions built on the AppCreator platform?

Inventory management and accurate demand forecasting

This is one of the most crucial aspects of any manufacturing endeavor. With minimal computer programming, even those with limited prior software engineering experience can harness a low-code platform like AppCreator to architect comprehensive inventory management applications. Using these custom apps, purpose-built for your assembly line, the power of this software ensures that demand forecasting can be accurately accomplished which contributes towards efficient the utilization of raw materials and components.

Inventory management
 Workforce management and efficient labor utilization

Workforce management and efficient labor utilization

Using AppCreator, you can develop and deploy custom applications easily to seamlessly manage your workforce. These applications enable you to oversee your workers' assignments. You can assign, re-assign, allocate, and reallocate personnel across your factories for optimum labor utilization. This way, the productivity of your personnel is ensured.

Stakeholder and process constraints management

Any manufacturing effort necessitates diligently coordinating the roles of the different stakeholders involved. These stakeholders are typically vendors, raw material and component producers, and other personnel from varied departments. By engineering custom applications to streamline interactions, workflows, approvals, and process transitions between these varied stakeholders, increased organizational efficiency and throughput can be realized. Custom applications are tailor-made for each industrial process. By leveraging customized applications, process flows can be easily mapped to identify unique business process constraints that can be digitized for effective management and optimization.

Stakeholder and process constraints management
Auditing requirements

Auditing requirements

Any manufacturing industry is a massive machine through which volumes of capital circulate constantly in all directions, digitally, and physically. To manage finances effectively, a dependable solution is required. With manual methods, there is a huge room for error. A digitized solution, in the form of a software offering, will accomplish the difficult task of accurate finance management. This is where custom manufacturing auditing applications developed on a platform, such as AppCreator, comes to the rescue.

Overhaul your assembly line. Gain productivity, efficiency, and increased profitability.

AppCreator, a low-code platform, empowers everyone in your organization to engineer solutions on their own. Whether line-of-business users, factory personnel, or your IT wing's employees, they can utilize this platform to develop and deploy custom solutions tailor-made for all manufacturing requirements. Your assembly line is supercharged, and you gain productivity, efficiency, and increased profitability.

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