What is a low-code platform?

Low-code application development is a software development approach that enables users to create applications with little to no coding expertise. AppCreator is our low-code platform that lets you rapidly create enterprise-level applications through its drag-and-drop interface and intuitive workflow capabilities.

How low-code applications can cater to your business?

  • Ease of data collection and import:

    Import data from different sources and convert them into applications with a few clicks. You can import from spreadsheets, as well as MS Access, FileMaker, and many other database files. Collect over 30 types of data with our advanced forms, including barcodes, locations, and more.

  • Smarter apps with AI capabilities:

    Power your applications with AI to detect languages, analyze trends, predict sales, read emotions, identify objects, and more, without the need for human intervention.

  • Personalize your applications:

    Set up personalized email notifications to communicate more effectively with your users. Choose a striking design for pages essential to a customer’s lifecycle—login, signup, and reset password pages.

  • Hawk-eye view of user control:

    Establish AppCreator portals to simplify the way line-of-business apps are shared and used by people outside the organization. Through roles and permissions, control who sees what, define a detailed data access hierarchy, and keep track of changes made to your applications.

Making your applications stand out with low-code

Customize the look and logic of your applications

Faster rollout of apps:

Embrace a rich ecosystem of intuitive visual builders, ready-to-use code snippets, form and report templates, and built-in connectors help you rollout applications fast.

Automate data collection/Data collection made easy
Native multi-device apps

Native multi-device apps

Get completely customizable iOS and Android versions of your applications—automatically—with no additional programming or effort required.

Reduced IT complexity and cost:

Save time and effort when compared to traditional development methods. Low-code is easy to deploy and requires minimal programming expertise.

Reduced IT complexity and cost
An array of languages

An array of languages

Cater to a global audience with ease, thanks to the platform’s multi-lingual capabilities. Every application built with AppCreator is automatically translated into a browser’s default language.

Payment options

Accept payments in any currency, and consolidate financial data across your company’s various locations.

Payment options

Accelerate your enterprise’s digital transformation with low-code app development

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