Browser Lockdown Software for Enterprises

Internet explorer is prone to a plethora of threats owing to the usage of vulnerable plugins. But Internet Explorer becomes a requirement in organizations to render legacy business applications. Most employees, however, use the Internet Explorer to visit non-business sites, which could potentially cause two issues:

  • Security breaches.
  • Today's cybercriminals manipulate human psychology to acquire sensitive enterprise data; they know what makes users want to click on a particular link. An employee following one of these nefarious links often means that malware will infect their system. Many malware variants either hold data captive for ransom or corrupt entire systems, both of which lead to extreme financial losses.

  • Loss of productivity.
  • The internet is a vast place, with both helpful tools and distracting clickbait. Employees can easily lose track of time while surfing through personal emails, social media, or any random page they find interesting. Often, by the time these distracted individuals return to work, it's too late, and they'll settle on either offering lower quality work to finish things up, or not finishing at all.

Browser Lockdown

So, what's the solution? Browser Security Plus' Browser Lockdown lets you run websites as a browser kiosk. With Browser Lockdown, you can:

  • Whitelist websites you trust.
  • Render trusted sites to always appear full screen.
  • Restrict access to the address bar and toolbar on browsers.

These three components put together makes Browser lockdown. It ensures security from threats prevailing in Internet Explorer, while also maintaining users' productivity.Download a free, 30-day trial of Browser Security Plus and try out browser lockdown and other cool features for yourself.