What is Web Filtering?

Web Filter (URL filter) is a feature that allows IT admins to control access to the internet by providing or denying access to specific sites. This feature creates a fortified boundary that protects your network from unexpected attacks that arise from landing on malware-infected sites and unnecessary distractions that keep users away from work.

Why is web Filtering important?

Most organizations have moved to cloud based-applications, making browsers a tool that employees use on a daily basis to access work. Browsers have become a conduit to not only the cloud, but also to immeasurable malware and distractions hosted on the web. In order to ensure that browsers do not bring in malicious traffic, web filter becomes necessary.

Web Filtering Software for Enterprises

The internet today is filled with malware and other attack vectors laying low, waiting to take advantage of users' slip ups and distractions. While browsing the web, users sometimes accidentally land on a site that has malware hosted on it, leading to compromise of sensitive enterprise data. To mitigate this threat, Browser Security Plus provides corporate web filtering software.

Blacklist URLs with Web Filter.

IT admins can blacklist URLs that are not needed in the organization, making these sites inaccessible to users. This prevents users from visiting sites that aren't permitted in the organization. IT admins can define groups for sites using categories like social media, video streaming, productivity, business, etc. Groups like social media and video streaming can be blacklisted to ensure that user productivity doesn't drop.

Whitelist URLs with Web Filter.

With the Whitelist URLs feature, users will be allowed to access only those URLs whitelisted by IT admins, making the remaining URLs inaccessible to users. This feature allows access only to sites that are an absolute necessity for business. For example, whitelisting site groups like productivity and business ensures that users will only be able to access sites defined in the productivity and business groups while restricting access to any other sites.

To get started using Web Filter and to secure your network, download a free, 30-day trial of Browser Security Plus and try out these features for yourself.