Enterprise browser security software

Today's challenge:

Workers today want to get business done anytime and anywhere, as a result of which mobility and cloud computing has become an integral part of all organizations.This in turn makes browsers the tool to access work, along with mobile devices. With a number of browsers in the market, and these browsers using a number of add-ons, it becomes almost impossible to ensure security from browser based threats and attacks like drive-by, phishing attacks, social engineering attacks etc.


Browser Security Plus provides a single point of console for managing different browsers and at the same time ensuring security. Browser Security Plus can help you

  • Obtain visibility into the browsers and their add-ons being used in the network.
  • Prevent web-based threats from reaching the network.
  • Keep track of users' activity on the web.
  • Restrict users' access to unauthorized websites.
  • Block downloads that exceed the specified limit.
  • Restrict downloads to approved file types.
  • Route web traffic to defined destination browsers.
  • Configure and deploy settings to harden enterprise browsers
  • Create compliance reports from our pre-defined Compliance Engine that offers over 25+ pre-existing configurations.
  • Ensure compliance to browser security standards.

Threat Prevention:

  • Restrict access to sites that contain threats like malware and attacks, from the system.
  • Restrict downloads from unauthorized websites.
  • Ensure that only trusted domains make use of add-ons whose source is not reliable.
  • Isolate unauthorized websites from enterprise data.
  • Enforce browser security configurations silently without user intervention.

Data Leakage Prevention:

  • Protect enterprise data from accidental or intentional exposure.
  • Ensure the security of passwords and personal details entered online.

Add-on Control:

  • Blacklist add-ons that are not trusted for your enterprise sites.
  • Detect and keep track of add-ons that aren't up to date, on the browser.
  • In case of a plugin with zero-day vulnerability, impose its trusted version for usage.
  • Silently install extensions from the Chrome webstore without user intervention.
  • Block extensions that seek permissions that involve threats.

Browser Router:

  • Assign browsers to websites based on it's add-on requirements.
  • Manage IE 11 compatibility and enterprise modes for enterprise sites.

Java Rules Manager:

  • Detect legacy enterprise websites that make use of Java plugins.
  • Configure policies to assign Java versions to enterprise sites that have specific requirements.
  • Detect out of date Java plugins present in your network.


  • Determine compliance status of computers in network.
  • Generate customized compliance reports from a pre-defined set of security configurations.

The system requirements when using Browser Security Plus include the following:

  • Hardware requirements for Browser Security Plus servers agents
  • Software requirements for Browser Security Plus servers and agents
  • Supported Browsers
  • Supported Database
  • Supported Web Servers

Hardware Requirements

This section gives you information about the hardware requirements for Browser Security Plus servers and agents.

Hardware Requirements for Browser Security Plus Servers

The hardware requirements for Browser Security Plus servers include the following:

No. of Computers Processor Information RAM Size Hard Disk Space
1 to 250 Intel Core i3 (2 core/4 thread) 2.0 Ghz  3 MB cache 2 GB 5 GB*
251 to 500 Intel Core i3 (2 core/4 thread) 2.4 Ghz  3 MB cache 4 GB 10 GB*
501 to 1000 Intel Core i3 (2 core/4 thread) 2.9 Ghz  3 MB cache 4 GB 20 GB*
1001 to 3000 Intel Core i5 (4 core/4 thread) 2.3 GHz. 6 MB cache 8 GB 30 GB*
3001 to 5000 Intel Core i7 (6 core/12 thread) 3.2 GHz. 12 MB cache 8 GB 40 GB*

* May increase dynamically according to the frequency of scanning.

Note: While managing more than 1000 computers, it is advised that you install Browser Security Plus on a Windows Server Edition.

Hardware Requirements for Browser Security Plus Agents

The hardware requirements for Browser Security Plus agents include the following:

Hardware Recommendations
Processors Intel Pentium
Processor Speed 1.0 GHz
RAM Size 512 MB
Hard Disk Space 100 MB*

* May increase dynamically depending on the operations performed on the client computer

Software Requirements

This section gives you information about the software requirements for Browser Security Plus servers and agents.

Supported OS for Browser Security Plus Server

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012 R2

Supported OS for Browser Security Plus Agents

Windows OS Windows Server OS
Windows 10 Windows server 2016
Windows 8.1 Windows server 2012 R2
Windows 8 Windows server 2012
Windows 7 Windows server 2008 R2
  Windows server 2008
  Windows server 2003 R2
  Windows server 2003

Supported Browsers

You are required to install any of the following browsers on your computer to access the Browser Security Plus console:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and later versions
  • Mozilla Firefox 44 and later versions
  • Google Chrome 47 and later versions

Note: The screen resolution should be 1280 x 1024 pixels or higher.

Supported Database

Browser Security Plus supports the following databases:


Supported Web Servers

Browser Security Plus uses the following web servers:

  • Apache (for static file services)
  • Tomcat (for application related services)