Obtaining plugin identifier of the plugins installed in the computers:

Let's consider a plugin, Adobe PDF reader as the plugin to be whitelisted/blacklisted.

  • Go to Internet Explorer.
  • Click on the "tools" icon at the top right corner of the menu bar.
  • Select "Manage add-ons" from the drop down list.
  • From the "Show" drop down list, select "All add-ons".
  • Click on the plugin to be blacklisted/whitelisted from the list of plugins.
  • How to check plugin identifier of plugins for Internet Explorer.
  • Click on the "Copy" button on the "More information" box.
  • Paste the copied content in notepad.
  • Copy the "Class ID" between { }  and paste it in the "Plugin name or plugin identifier field" present in the Manage Add-ons page.