Safe browsing

The Internet is a complex mix of important information, tools that help process that information, distracting advertisements, dangerous malware, and deceiving click-bait links that can lead unsuspecting users into a cyber-nightmare. In order to navigate the tricky terrain of the web without worrying about malware and other browser-based attacks, browser vendors provide a number of helpful security features. One such feature is safe browsing feature offered by Google Chrome, SmartScreen filter by Microsoft and Phishing filter by Mozilla Firefox. These features help protect the computers from phishing attacks and malware.

Safe Browsing by Google Chrome.

Google Chrome provides Safe Browsing, a feature that warns users about websites that may contain malware as well as sites that could be host to social engineering attacks. It also blocks downloads from malicious sources and prevents the installation of identified malware.


SmartScreen filter by Microsoft.

Microsoft SmartScreen filter facilitates safe browsing for Internet Explorer and Edge browsers. It warns users when they land on websites that may be hosting malware and social engineering attacks.


Phishing protection by Mozilla Firefox.

Phishing protection began as an extension provided by Google to be used in Firefox. It's functionality, similar to its counterparts, warns users whenever they land on sites containing malware or social engineering attacks.


Keep your network protected with Browser Security Plus.

It's difficult for IT administrators to ensure that all computers are protected. With Browser Security Plus, you can easily establish safe browsing configurations and deploy them to all computers in your network from one central console. Once deployed, users will not be able to override the configuration.

IT admins can also opt for more stringent means of security with Browser Security Plus' Browser Lockdown feature. This feature only allows users to access IT approved websites. This prevents users from landing on deceiving and shady websites.

You can now ensure safe browsing now with Browser Security Plus. Download a free, 30-day trial to try out these features for yourself.