Why Browser Security Plus?

Browsers have become an integral part of all organizations and it falls on you, as an IT administrator, to ensure complete security from web-based attacks. In order to ensure security, browser management and administration needs to be carried out.

Browser security plus unifies management and security functions into a single umbrella, offering you the perfect tool for administration. With Browser Security Plus,

  1. Manage the different browsers present in your network.
  2. Secure your network from a wide range of web-based threats like: ransomware, phishing attacks, man in the browser attacks, malware etc.
  3. Redirect legacy web-applications to legacy browsers that support deprecated technology used in the legacy web-applications.
  4. Run various versions of Java side by side, in order to ensure compatibility of Java versions in web-applications.
  5. Containerize untrusted/unauthorized websites in a virtual browser, away from your browser ensuring security to enterprise websites/web-applications.
  6. Manage browser add-ons like plugins, extensions, Browser Helper Objects (BHOs): Authorize which add-ons can be used by whom in your organization; Block the usage of dangerous plugins and extensions.
  7. Determine and resolve compliance of computers in your network based on security score.
  8. Generate customized compliance reports to obtain 360 degree visibility.

Browser Security Plus is hence your ultimate tool to carry out all your management and security activities from a single console.