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DoorDash data breach may have compromised information of nearly 5 million customers.

Food delivery startup DoorDash Inc. recently revealed it was victim of an unauthorized data breach in May 2019, though the company became aware of the incident only in September. Customers’ data, such as names, contact information, addresses, and hashed and salted passwords may have been accessed. 

Users who created accounts after April 5, 2018 were not affected by the breach. Apart from the personal data of the users, the last four digits of their credit cards were also compromised, along with driver’s license numbers of the delivery employees. DoorDash claimed that the breach occurred in a third-party solution it was using.  

Once the company became aware of the breach, it immediately suspended services with the compromised third-party provider and took steps to implement additional security measures. The affected customers were notified about the breach.

DoorDash took nearly five months to detect the attack. protect yourself against cybersecurity disasters by investing in a tool that that will help you proactively protect your network from from brute-force attacks, ransomware threats, and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. Download ManageEngine Log360, a tool that helps combat internal and external security attacks efficiently.

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  • Obtain important forensic information about incidents using logs, which can be securely archived to help prove adherence to compliance standards and reduce or eliminate potential legal penalties during investigations.
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