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Small misconfiguration exposes the data of 50.5 million GOMO app users.

GOMO, also known as Sungy Mobile,is a mobile app development firm based in China.On May 25, 2018, more than 50 million users'details were exposed,including email addresses,country information,in-store purchases,avatars,usernames, birthdays,school information,and international mobile subscriber identity numbers.The leak affected 50,553,664 accounts,47,415,210 devices,4,379 mobile numbers, 51,426,769 email addresses, and 48,255,172 profiles.

How did this happen?

GOMO's technical team opened a port while fixing an issue on Amazon Web Services (AWS), but failed to close it once the repair was finished. The security incident was first identified by independent researcher Flash Gordon. Apart from user data, Gordon discovered that GOMO left application-specific details such as payment gateways and deployment information unencrypted.

How has GOMO responded?

Even when organizations enforce stringent procedures to secure their networks and keep user data confidential, oversights still happen, and even a seemingly small misconfiguration can leave a gaping security hole with severe repercussions. To prevent such incidents in the future, GOMO has deployed additional manpower when performing any database-related actions. It's also implemented advanced encryption techniques for all user-related data.

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