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Data breach

100 million Quora users' data leaked in breach.

On November 30th, Quora discovered that some of its users' data was compromised by a third party that gained unauthorized access to one of its systems. Hackers may have accessed the following user information:

  • Account details such as name, email address, encrypted password, and data imported from linked networks.
  • Public content and actions, i.e. questions, answers, comments, and upvotes.
  • Non-public content and actions, i.e. answer requests, downvotes, and direct messages.
  • Advertiser account details like campaign structure and setup as well as ad information like budget, schedule, bids, and targeting.

What did Quora do once it detected the attack?

As soon as the breach was identified, Quora's security team began its investigation into the cause of the attack. Besides that, Quora has hired a leading digital forensics and security firm to assist with the investigation. Quora assured users that the questions and answers that were written anonymously were not affected by the breach, since the identities of users who posts anonymous content are not saved.

Quora has notified all impacted users via email. As an additional security measure, the company has logged out all users who may have been affected and invalidated their passwords. Quora has confirmed that it is taking appropriate steps to improve its security, and the company has also notified law enforcement.

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