Endpoint Central MSP Fixes

Deploying important Endpoint Central MSP fixes

Endpoint Central MSP releases Important Fixes to address certain critical issues which you can directly apply from the web console. This feature is applicable for Endpoint Central MSP build number 10.0.___ or above. Update to the latest  version here.

Automatically deploying Endpoint Central MSP fixes

Endpoint Central MSP lets you automate the process of applying these fixes. To do this, navigate to Admin tab -> Server Settings -> enable Automatically deploy important fixes option. However, Endpoint Central MSP admin will be prompted each time if the fix requires server restart.

  • Whenever an important fix is released, Admin will be prompted with an alert message on the web console. So each time a fix is available, we recommend you to apply them immediately.
  • Certain critical fixes may require server restart to take effect. Endpoint Central MSP admin will be notified everytime for confirmation before restarting your server.
Note: The released fixes will contain only the critical bug fixes and are not equivalent to the PPM released. So despite applying critical fixes, you have to download Endpoint Central MSP PPM to keep your server updated.

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