Migrate to Desktop Central Server

How to migrate the Desktop Central server installation from one computer to another without losing any data?


You can ensure that there is no loss of data when you move your Desktop Central server while doing either of the following:

  • Moving the server from a test environment to a production environment
  • Installing the server in a computer with a higher configuration


You have to complete the following steps while moving your Desktop Central server installation from one computer to another:

  1. Stop the Desktop Central server
  2. Copy required directories
  3. Execute required files
  4. Update the IP address and DNS names depending on your network setup

Note: Ensure that you do not change the build number of the Desktop Central MSP server or install the .exe file in the new computer, while server migration is in progress.

To move the Desktop Central MSP server from one computer to another, follow the steps given below:

  1. Stop the Desktop Central server
    1. Click start>Programs
    2. Point to ManageEngine DesktopCentral and click Stop DesktopCentral MSP
  2. Copy the directory in which Desktop Central is stored
    1. Double-click My Computer
    2. Double-click the installation directory where Desktop Central is installed. For example, C:
    3. Double-click Program Files
    4. Copy the directory named DesktopCentralMSP_Server
    5. Paste it in the new computer where you are going to install the Desktop Central server
  3. Execute specific files

    Open Command Prompt and execute the "Migrate-DCServer.bat" from the bin folder (from the copied location)
    (example : C:\Program Files\DesktopCentralMSP_Server\bin>Migrate-DCServer.bat )

    If the database is running in a different computer, follow the steps given below to:

    Note : If MySQL database is configured to run on a different computer, execute "mysql-privilege.bat <new_server_ip>" from mysql\ directory from the computer where the database is running.
    (example: C:\Program Files\DesktopCentralMSP_Server\mysql>mysql-privilege.bat 192.168.xx.xxx )
  4. Re-configure Router Settings
    If you have configured NAT settings, reconfigure your router to route requests to the new IP address of the computer to which you have moved the Desktop Central MSP server.
  5. Ensure to stop the old server and Uninstall the same from the old server machine.

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