Migrate to Desktop Central MSP Server

How to migrate the Desktop Central MSP server installation from one computer to another without losing any data?


This document will provide you the steps to migrate Desktop Central server from one computer to another without losing any data.

Note : To migrate Desktop Central Product from 32-bit to 64-bit architecture Click here.


  1. If you have configured Failover server, contact support team for the migration process. 
  2. If you are managing your mobile devices, and choose to change the NAT IP address, you will have to re-enroll all your mobile devices.
  3. You should not download a fresh EXE from the website and install in the new computer; you should only copy the installation directory to the new computer. 
  4. After migration, ensure that all your agents are contacting the Desktop Central server in the new installation. Until then do not uninstall the server in your old set up.
  5. The below mentioned steps should be followed sequentially as per the specified order. Do not change the sequence of any operation, failing which might cause issues in the server migration process.

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Steps for migration vary with respect to the Desktop Central version you are currently using. This document is applicable only for those running build number #10.0.55 or above.


When Desktop Central MSP server is migrated, you will have to understand the network setup as explained below and follow the instructions accordingly:

Note : Desktop Central MSP Server location can be specified using IP address/FQDN. You can verify your current public IP/FQDN address from Desktop Central MSP web console ->Admin -> NAT Settings -> under NAT Device. We will consider that the IP address has changed only if the address which is configured in above listed location "NAT Settings" has been modified. For ex, you have configured IP address as which is mapped to the FQDN as "demo.desktopcentral.com". You have now modified the FQDN as "msp.desktopcentral.com", however the IP address remains the same. In such cases, you need not consider this as IP address change. The same applies if only the IP address is modified and you have configured the FQDN under NAT settings page.

  1. Migrate to any computer within the network, without modifying the public IP address
  2. Maintain Desktop Central MSP server in the same computer but with a new public IP address
  3. Migrate to a new computer within the same network with a new public IP address
  4. Migrate Desktop Central MSP server to a different network

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