Distribution Agent MSI Creation Failure

Problem Creating Endpoint Central Agent / Distribution Server Agent


You have installed/upgraded the Endpoint Central MSP Server sucessfully. However, when you try to add a remote office by specifying the details, you get an error message as "Agent MSI Creation Failed"


This error will occur if you have installed Endpoint Central MSP Server in Windows Vista, 2008, or Windows 7 operating systems and when you have not provided the admin credentials for running the Endpoint Central Service.


You can resolve this issue as follows:

  1. Check whether you have specified a user credential with administrative privileges for running the Endpoint Central Service.
  2. Changing the service credential requires a service restart; check by restarting the Endpoint Central MSP Server.
  3. If you have not specified the credential, follow the steps provided here and restart the Endpoint Central MSP Server.

If you still see this error on the Customers page or could not create a Remote Office Agent, contact with the logs.

Applies to: Agent Creation Failure, Endpoint Central Agent Creation, Remote Office Creation, MSI Creation

Keywords: MSI Creation, MSI Modification, Remote Office Creation, Distribution Server Creation

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