MDM APNs not Recognized


After renewing your APNs certificate, you are trying to upload it in the Endpoint Central Server and you get an error message "APNs not Recognized"


While renewing your APNs certificate, you are supposed to use the same Apple ID that you have used while creating APNs for the first time. If you use a new Apple ID, then the APNs certificate will not be recognized and considered as a new one. You will have to enroll the devices again to start managing your mobile devices.


Ensure that you renew the APNs certificate using the same Apple ID, if you do not know which Apple ID you have used, then you will have to create a new APNs certificate and enroll your mobile devices again for them to be managed.

Note: If you have more than one APNs certificate created using the same Apple ID, select the appropriate APNs certificate by using the Expiry date and renew it.


Applies to: APNs Renewal, APNs Expiry, Apple ID

Keywords: APNs, Apple ID, Renew Certificate, Mobile Device Management


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