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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

This section comprises articles that provide Desktop Management solutions for common issues you might face while using Desktop Central MSP. Send us an e-mail message with the required log files,  if you have any unresolved issues. Our support team will contact you shortly and help you resolve the issues.

Agent Installation

  1. Problem in Creating Desktop Central Agent/Distribution Server when running Desktop Central Server in Windows Vista/2008/Windows 7
  2. Getting an error as "Unable to start DS Server" in the remarks column of the Remote Office
  3. Change the name/ip and the port number of the Desktop Central Server for the agents that have been already installed.
  4. Agent installation fails with the error - systeminfo.exe - Unable to Locate Component

Patch Management

  1. Patch configuration fails while downloading the patches
  2. Getting "Fatal Error during Installation" error while deploying patches
  3. Getting Time out error when performing an manual patch Scanning
  4. Scheduled Patch Scanning Failed
  5. MS Office patch deployment fails with an error "Office Update Error"
  6. Automatic Patch Download/Draft/Deployment Fails with an error "Not Started"
  7. Service Pack installation fails with error message -"Unknown Error code: 536870921"
  8. Patch Configuration fails with errors:
    1. Incorrect Function (or) Unknown Error Code: 2359302 (or) Access Denied
    2. Problem while downloading the patch from server
    3. The data is invalid
  9. Patch DB Update Fails with Errors:
    1. Unable to establish direct connection
    2. Bug in authorization handling : server refused the given info 10 times
  10. Patch Download Fails


  1. Configuration Status is always in "Ready to Execute" state
  2. Configurations do not get applied properly after Desktop Central Hotfix upgrade

Asset Management

  1. Getting "Scanning Time Out" error while performing a manual Inventory Scan
  2. Getting "Asset Scan Locked" error while scanning for inventory
  3. Scheduled Inventory Scanning Failed
  4. Inventory Alerts are not being notified via Email

Software Deployment

Software deployment fails with the following errors:

    1. Fatal error
    2. Executable file not found
    3. The handle is invalid
    4. Access denied
    5. Incorrect Function
    6. Process Time Out
    7. Unknown Error Code
    8. The requested operation requires elevation
    9. Error While Downloading Binaries
    10. Failed to connect to the Central Repository
    11. Version compatibility error-

Remote Control

  1. Unable to establish connection with the remote desktop
  2. Unable to perform Ctrl+Alt+Del operation on Remote Desktops running Vista OS
  3. Getting "The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion" error while taking remote control
  4. Unable to establish connection with remote desktop - "Agent version is not compatible"

On-demand Tasks

  1. Agent not reachable: Unable to complete on-demand tasks

Mobile Device Management

  1. APNs failed - Invalid APNs
  2. Unable to manage the mobile device - APNs not reachable
  3. Device Scanning failed - Scanning time-out
  4. Profile installation failed - Command format error
  5. App distribution failed - License Count exceeded
  6. MDM App installation failed
    1. App store not reachable
    2. App store disabled
    3. Manifest file url not reachable
    4. App already installed.
  7. App Lock Profile Failed
  8. Google Play Store not reachable
  9. Device Administrator disabled
  10. GCM service not available
  11. Android account missing
  12. GCM authentication failed
  13. Android agent not reachable
  14. APNs not recognized

Security Updates on Vulnerabilities

  1. Multiple Vulnerabilities in OpenSSL
  2. CVE-2015-2560 : Unauthorized Administrator's Credential modification
  3. CVE-2014-9331 : Cross-Site Request Forgery Attack
  4. Multiple Vulnerabilities on PostgreSQL
  5. Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
  6. Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities
  7. CVE-2014-3566 : POODLE Vulnerability
  8. CVE-2014-7862 : Unauthorized Administrator Account Creation
  9. CVE-2014-0160 : Heartbleed Bug


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