Incremental backups

Incremental backup of Google Workspace services

Data in your Google Workspace services undergoes numerous changes every minute as large numbers of emails are sent, received, and deleted and documents are created and modified. While most of these changes are intentional, some might occur accidentally. If accidents are noticed immediately, deleted items can be recovered from the trash; however, if the deleted items aren't identified within a maximum of 55 days, the data will be purged from Google servers and lost forever. To prevent data loss like this, it's necessary to make frequent backups of your Google Workspace services with which you can restore any data, even if it's been purged from Google servers.

RecoveryManager Plus is a Google Workspace backup solution that incrementally backs up all items in your mailboxes, user drives, calendars, and contacts and allows you to restore them to their backed-up state.

How do incremental backups work?

When you configure a backup schedule for your Google Workspace services for the first time, RecoveryManager Plus backs up all the mailboxes and files that satisfy the retention period criteria. Next time RecoveryManager Plus starts the backup operation, it scans the created time and last modified time of all the objects. RecoveryManager Plus then backs up only the items that have been created or modified since the last backup cycle.


Flexible backup retention: Define a retention period and automatically discard older backups once the retention period expires.

Version-level backup: Store each backup as a different version and recover all changes or only changes corresponding to a specific version.

Snapshot view: View how a mailbox or a user drive looked at any point in the past and restore the entire mailbox or drive to that version instantly.

One-click recovery: Recover deleted emails, contacts, calendar entries, and drive items in a single click, no matter when they were deleted.

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