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IT data analytics software to power government organizations

Citizens seek your assistance every day on a multitude of issues. Your infrastructure, people, procedures, and workflows need to be robust, streamlined, and resilient to support a growing user base. Analytics Plus gives you visibility into every aspect of IT management, enabling you to make faster decisions that ensure the success of your programs and missions, all within your planned timeframe and budget.

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How can government organizations benefit from advanced IT analytics?

Enable observability and improve data security

Intelligence agencies, defense departments, and other government organizations rely on mission-critical insights to keep their data secure—a process that takes time. Make this task simpler with Zia, the Analytics Plus AI-assistant. Zia can deliver insights upon command and in seconds, enabling you to analyze your surface of exposure for weak spots routinely and buy time to secure vulnerabilities before they become points of attack for hackers.

Enable observability using IT data analytics software

Speed up digitization and modernization efforts

Don't let challenges in rewriting application architecture keep you from upgrading to the latest technologies. With Analytics Plus, you can view the complete relationship map alongside the technical architecture of infrastructure components. This helps you gain real-time insight into each stage of your modernization and complete the process on time, within budget, and with minimal disruption to regular business operations.

Digitize and modernize IT operations with IT data analytics software

Reduce operational costs and overhead

Government organizations often fall prey to knee-jerk, cost-cutting policies that result in failure. In fact, just 19% of all cost-cutting initiatives succeed. Leverage analytics to create strategic cost-cutting measures that focus on channeling budgets to the right investments that deliver long-term value, thereby preventing frequent expenditure on technology upgrades. Also, discover endless ways to deliver better quality services to citizens at optimized costs.

Reduce operational costs using data analytics for government sector

Ensure 24/7 availability of government services

Keeping the entire fleet of departments and agencies always online requires meticulous planning, organization, and resource management. Equip your departmental heads to analyze patterns in workloads, and ensure citizens don't have to deal with latency or downtime.

Ensure 24/7 service availability of government services using data analytics

Scale infrastructure to meet growing demands

As your user base grows, your infrastructure will be under tremendous pressure to support the increasing workload. Analytics Plus enables leaders to predict both short-term and long-term growth accurately, and plan infrastructure and technology requirements to support expanding user requirements.

Scale IT infrastructure to support growth using data analytics

5 problems government agencies can solve using IT analytics

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Why do you need Analytics Plus?

We help government organizations of all sizes bridge the gap between data and their people. Augmented with artificial intelligence, we make it easy for everyone in the organization to gather instant insights. On-premises and cloud hosting options offer the flexibility to choose a deployment mode, and ensure complete security for your data.

Augmented analytics

Ask questions and gain insight into how various departments spend their budgets, and learn why some spend more than others.

Multi-source data import

Collate data for reporting and analysis from local and cloud databases, files, feeds, web-hosted URLs, cloud drives, and applications.

Out-of-the-box integrations

Use data to drive your strategic decisions and succeed on every mission you undertake with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards.

Data blending

Discover how networks, data lakes, services, and applications are correlated. Blend, enrich, and transform data to get an overarching view of IT.

Scenario planning

Factor in uncertainties and create robust, fail-safe plans to upgrade infrastructure, revamp production lines, and more.

Data snapshots

Capture historical changes in data as tables to use for future analysis, comparison, and reporting.

Threshold-based alerts

Grievance redressal portals are down? Be the first to know of such problems and changes with real-time data alerts.

Real-time collaboration

Enable multi-department collaboration and cooperation with in-app report commenting.

Integration with 200+ IT and business apps