Making Android work better.

Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP endorses Google Android for Work to simplify Android management for the IT. Android for Work is supported by all Android devices running versions 5.0 and above, regardless of the manufacturer. It provides a simple and safe operating platform especially for the BYOD users, while ensuring superlative enterprise data security. As the official EMM partner, Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP gives you the best Android management platform to effectively manage and protect devices in your organization's network.

Take full control of business data

Android for Work

Android for Work provides OS level container in devices that helps the IT separate work apps from personal ones. In BYOD scenarios, users who perform business task on their personal devices get a native user experience and complete privacy of their personal data. The IT can now essentially

  • Manage official containers on both corporate and BYOD devices.
  • Protect the work-related applications by applying stringent policies.
  • Remote wipe only the work container without touching the personal content.

Distribute work apps securely

The third-party productivity apps from Google Play for Work makes work more efficient. Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP lets you distribute and manage by

  • Deploy apps to the workspace; based on devices.
  • Remove Play Store apps silently, without intruding the users.
  • Protect workspace by preventing untrustworthy apps into the devices.
  • Manage volume purchase of app licenses.