Mobile device management (MDM) for iOS.

Manage Apple iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iPad Pro. With iOS enabled MDM, IT administrators can manage both company-owned and BYOD devices without any hassle. Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP supports iOS versions 4.0 and above. 

Device Enrollment

  • Register devices with over-the-air (OTA) enrollment.
  • Enroll multiple devices for the same user.
  • Automate bulk enrollment with Apple Configurator or Apple DEP.

Watch our videos on how to enroll with Apple Configurator and Apple DEP

Profile management

  • Create and associate profiles to groups and devices.
  • Separate work apps from personal apps on the OS-level container. 
  • Restrict the use of distracting applications including camera, YouTube, AirDrop, iCloud photo library, Safari browser, etc.
  • Segregate and manage devices by creating separate groups for BYOD and corporate devices.
  • Create profiles to configure passcodes, restrictions, AirDrop, Touch ID, Wi-Fi, VPN, App Lock, and Global HTTP Proxies. 

App management

  • Silently distribute both in-house and App Store applications. Apple IDs are no long required for authentication.
  • Ensure that only managed apps thrive in the devices. 
  • Manage licenses for Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for iOS devices.
  • Control app updates. Sanction fixes and upgrades through MDM MSP, without disturbing the users. 
  • Publish apps in the App Catalog to allow users to conveniently install applications themselves. 
  • Segregate blocklisted and allowlisted apps. Learn more.

Asset management

  • Receive insights on device summary, network usage, configuration details, and installed apps.
  • Track granular level information on feature status, such as activation lock or location services.
  • Gain complete visibility on your devices with out-of-the-box reports.

Security management

  • Set stringent passcodes with maximum number of failed attempts.
  • Closely monitor the work container on BYOD devices.
  • Remotely lock the device to prevent third party access.
  • Perform a complete wipe to prevent data loss or theft.
  • Perform a corporate wipe to erase only organization's data like contacts, emails, and so on.

Audit and reports

  • Perform assertive monitoring by generating detailed reports of iOS devices.
  • Generate reports to monitor the status of apps installed in the device.
  • Customize reports based on applied criteria such as apps by devices, devices by model, and more.