Mobile Application Management(MAM) 

With more organizations going mobile-first/mobile-only, mobile apps form the backbone of the enterprise workforce and you need to ensure all the requisite corporate apps are present on the device and also ensure they are running the latest version by constantly updating them.

MDM helps you with app management by ensuring silent installation, update, and deletion of apps, without any user intervention. You need to create an App Repository on the MDM server, by adding all the requisite corporate apps. You can then distribute it to the device and/or device groups. Once you've distributed it to the latter, every time a device falls into the particular device group, the apps are automatically distributed without any admin action.

For silent app management, you need to integrate with Apple Volume Purchase Program(VPP)/Google Play for Work(PfW)/Windows Business Store. Once integrated all you need to do is purchase/approve your apps on the Store and it gets synced automatically to the MDM App Repository, from where it can be distributed installed silently. Integration also helps you with license management, letting you know details regarding purchased and available licenses for apps.

iOS Supported Device must be Supervised and Volume Purchase Program(VPP) must be configured
Android Supported Samsung devices or Android for Work/Google Enterprise must be configured
Windows Supported Integration with Windows Business Store, in case of Store Apps and addition of App Enrollment Token(AET) or Code Signing Certificate(CSC) in case of enterprise apps.

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In addition to this, you can also pre-configure app permissions to ensure the device user needn't do it manually or disable mandatory permissions. Learn more about configuring app permissions here. Further, you can also pre-configure the basic settings on the app ensuring the app is ready to use immediately upon installation. Learn more about app configurations for iOS, Android, and Windows.