Configuring and managing devices using profiles

The policies present in MDM MSP ensure device/data security as well improve productivity. You can proactively configure settings and distribute them over-the-air, to ensure the devices are secure and ready to use when handed over to the user after enrollment. These are the set of policies supported by MDM across platforms:

Passcode Yes Yes Yes
Restrictions Yes Yes Yes
Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Private Network(VPN) Yes Yes Yes
Per-App VPN No Yes No
E-mail Yes Yes Yes
Exchange ActiveSync(EAS) Yes Yes Yes
Kiosk/App Lock Yes Yes Yes
Managed Web Domains No Yes No
Web Content Filter Yes Yes No
Web Shortcuts/Web Clips Yes Yes No
Certificate Yes Yes Yes
Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol(SCEP) No Yes Yes
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol(LDAP) No Yes No
Calendar Sync(CalDav) No Yes No
Subscribed Calendars No Yes No
Contact Sync(CardDav) No Yes No
Wallpaper Yes Yes No
Global HTTP Proxy Yes Yes No
Enterprise Single Sign On(E-SSO) No Yes No
Access Point Name(APN) Yes Yes No

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