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User Modification

Windows Active Directory user migration tool

When an organization undergoes an acquisition or a merger, the IT team is entrusted to make changes to Active Directory (AD) to accommodate the same. In these cases, the two domains are combined into one as it can be costly to maintain two separate AD infrastructures. As a result, the IT admins are tasked with migrating users from one domain to another to enable sharing of resources. The AD migration process is critical, as any disruptions could result in the end users not having the appropriate levels of access to their workstations and other resources.

The AD migration tools (ADMT) help admins securely execute the necessary operations to move AD objects to a different domain. It minimizes the risks associated with AD migration and keeps workstations, emails, and resources secure, post migration. ManageEngine ADManager Plus, in part an ADMT, enables admins to migrate AD user objects between two AD domains in the same forest, with a few clicks.

Top benefits of using ADManager Plus for AD migration

ADManager Plus eliminates the need to toggle between multiple applications to manage and generate reports on AD. It provides a centralized console from which admins can manage multiple domains seamlessly. This AD migration tool:

  • Migrates all user accounts with the respective attributes, along with the password and SIDHistory attribute.
  • Updates the domain and domain controller user rights for the migrated users.
  • Retains access permissions after migration which does not leave any security gap that can be exploited by attackers.
  • Delegates the user migration operations to non-admin users in a few clicks.

Select the list of users to be migrated.


Use this checkbox to assign the rights from the source domain to all the migrated users.

User Migration screenshot

Select the list of users to be migrated.

Use this checkbox to assign the rights from the source domain to all the migrated users.

Bulk migrate AD users effortlessly with ADManager Plus

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  • 180+ Active Directory Reports

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  • Active Directory Logon Reports

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  • File Permission Management

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  • Office 365 User Management

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