Automate Firewall Reports

Firewall Analyzer enables network administrators to convert the advanced search results into report profiles. The advanced search results can be based on aggregated log database or raw firewall logs. Scheduled reporting allows network administrators to keep track of network traffic and network security behavior without having to manually generate reports every time.

Automatic Report Scheduling

Firewall Analyzer lets you set up schedules to run reports automatically over specific time intervals. Once set up, reports will be generated in the selected time interval, and stored in the server. You can choose to get these reports emailed to operators (in PDF or CSV format) so that they can take a look at them when needed.

Firewall Analyzer Automatic Report Scheduling

Advanced Search based Ad-hoc Reports

Firewall Analyzer lets you to create report profiles based on the advanced search results. This is a easy and convenient way of creating a report profile. You can also schedule these reports generation. The advanced search can be from aggregated logs database or raw firewall logs.

Firewall Analyzer Advanced Search Ad-hoc Report

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