Firewall Security Audit Report

Compliance Report for Firewall Devices

Firewall Analyzer provides elaborate compliance report for the firewall devices and can be used for firewall security auditing. The report helps to configure the firewall rules, which will prevent potentially dangerous access to network and allow only those network hosts that are required. The report identifies all the firewall security related issues thus acting as a firewall security audit tool. This firewall configuration audit tool audits the complete firewall security and provides detailed firewall configuration analysis. It also provides a firewall security audit report and a firewall security audit checklist with an overall security rating. The firewall security audit report helps identify the security issues in the device. The impact of the issues on the device security are rated for their severity. The easiness to fix the issue is assessed. Based on the issues, the report recommends security best practices. It categorizes the threats faced to various levels and recommends configuration and other changes to tighten the security of the firewall.

It rates the issues in five categories. They are: Critical, High, Medium, Low, and Info

Firewall Security Checklist & Report - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

Check the attached sample compliance report

The issues are assessed and the results are presents as statistics. The report consists of three sections. They are:

Security Audit Report section

This section of the report describes the following: identifying the issue, impact of the issue, ease of exploiting the issue and recommendation and overall rating of the issue.

Security Best Practices Report section

This section of the report describes the security best practices. It consists of overview and recommendation. It covers the following areas:

  • Software
  • Services
  • Interfaces
  • Filtering
  • Authentication
  • Logging
  • Encryption

Device Configuration Report section

This section details the configuration settings of the firewall device.

Periodic Firewall Compliance Report Generation

The report is generated at periodic intervals and the report link in the UI shows the time, the compliance report was generated.

Instant Firewall Compliance Report Generation

You can instantly generate the Compliance report, any time you want.

Configure credentials / associate device profile to fetch Firewall configuration and rules

The firewall configuration analyzer module configures the device credential or assigns a credential profile to the device. On assigning a device profile or configuring device credentials, the compliance report will get generated automatically. Thus Firewall Analyzer acts as an efficient firewall configuration tool.

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