Customizable Reports on Firewalls, Proxy Servers

Firewall Analyzer includes custom report profiles that let you create reports based on specific criteria. You can choose the sub-reports that you want to include in this report, the exact parameters to be reported on, and even the layout of the graph to be generated.

Report Profiles

You can set up report profiles for any number of devices on which Firewall Analyzer is reporting. Once set up, you can schedule the report to run automatically, and even email it as a PDF file.

Firewall Analyzer Report Profiles

Log Filters

Log filters let you define filters for the log data that is reported on. While Include filters specify the log details to be included, Exclude filters specify the log data to be excluded from the report. In this way, Firewall Analyzer lets you fine-tune the custom report to your needs, and displays only the data that you want to see.

Firewall Analyzer Log Filters

Customized Reporting with Protocol Groups

Firewall Analyzer groups protocols into Protocol Groups based on their function. For example, HTTP, TCP/80, and UDP/80 are grouped under the Web protocol group.

You can add newer protocols to a protocol group, or create a separate protocol group for certain protocols. Once configured, future reports will contain the new configuration. Firewall Analyzer already includes the important protocol groups such as Web, Mail, FTP, Telnet, Streaming and Chat.

Firewall Analyzer Protocol Grouping

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