Brute Force/Dictionary Attack Preventers

"Guessing" is one of the easiest forms of hacking. So, in order to keep this malign craft at bay, ADSelfService Plus provides you with the following features:

Block User Accounts Failing At Security Q & A

The probability of a user failing at the Security Q & A process is limited, as he would be well aware of the details provided by him.

As a protective measure against hacking, this feature blocks users who fail the Security Q & A test for a definite time period (the ideal value being 5 attempts but can be changed to any desired value; as there is always a possibility of a user forgetting his Security Q & A details). To Block User Accounts Failing at Security Ques and Ans Click here.

Session Time-out

Password Reset & Account Unlock are two very delicate tasks which should be carried out with utmost care. To do so, this feature helps you to preclude any leak out of confidential user information by allowing you to set a time limit for the "Password Reset/Unlock Account" sessions, thus preventing any "user idle time".

Whenever the user happens to exceed the time limit set for performing the 'password reset or unlock account task', the whole process will get locked out & the user has to start all over again. To Configure Session Time-Out click here.


More popularly known as the word verification image, this feature when enabled would help you to beef up the security of the user. To Configure CAPTCHA feature click here.


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