The need for IT service desks in federal departments


Deliver a robust and contemporary service experience to both employees and citizens. The commercial sector's high level of customer service has raised the service expectations of the public. The generally quick and efficient response to customer service requests in the commercial sector has raised the bar for traditional IT service provided to citizens in the public sector. Patience is typically not a virtue among citizens when the government IT management services provide slow delivery and require manual processes.

The importance of reliable public IT services cannot be dismissed, when millions of people depend on them, and especially during crisis situations. Public sector IT infrastructures often utilize legacy systems that devour a large share of the organization's IT budget just for maintenance. Additionally, legacy systems are exposed to a growing number issues including crashes during high traffic, cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and a dwindling talent pool to support it.

With research showing that over 52 percent of government CIOs cite "Organizational disruptions and funding shortfalls" as major IT service obstructions within the past four years, it is time your IT service management strategy evolved to accommodate effective and uncompromised service delivery, resilience to challenging government budgets, and leadership changes.

How can your IT service management strategy stay resilient during leadership changes?

ITSM for public sector agencies

Organizational disruptions impact funding for IT operations, and make it difficult to introduce new service initiatives for public agencies. These obstacles can be avoided with a clear-cut IT strategy that optimizes costs without compromising mission effectiveness. IT service enablers, like AI and automation, can significantly streamline expenses while enhancing performance. An IT service management (ITSM) tool, when equipped with powerful service enablers, can be vital to the resiliency of your IT strategy.

The ITSM tool is the hub of your IT operations. Equipping it with functionalities like AI, analytics, and automations, can reinforce your strategy, and highlight your agency's commitment to your mission through cost optimization and productivity. This ensures your agency stays resilient, even when challenged by external pressures.

See how AI, automation, and performance analytics can benefit your agency's ITSM strategy.

How ServiceDesk Plus helps Government / Public Sector

Establish a future-proof ITSM environment with ServiceDesk Plus, available in both cloud and on-premises model

Help desk software workflow for Government organizations

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Bring consistency and familiarity to your IT processes

IT request automation for Government organizations

Principles like "Be consistent, not uniform" and "This is for everyone" from the United Kingdom's Government Design Principles for its digital services projects help people easily become familiar with the services. ServiceDesk Plus supports these and other project objectives by enabling you to:

  • Establish governance over IT service processes with the out-of-the-box best practice ITSM capabilities.
  • Design ticket life cycles that mandates your agency's service delivery protocol with Request Life Cycle.
  • Procedurally handle your changes and releases without any adverse impact on your service quality by developing multi-stage workflows with the visual workflow builders.

Automate processes to sidestep government red tape

Automate ITSM processes in Government sectors

Handling large volumes of manual forms and approvals can increase the scope for errors, and reduce the productivity of technicians. Free your staff from mundane tasks by enabling them to:

  • Create templates in minutes for your frequently requested services and the commonly reported incidents on a simple drag and drop canvas.
  • Configure criteria-based automations on your incoming tickets to organize, deliver, assign, and trigger custom actions for them.
  • Automatically assign tickets to technicians and support groups based on their availability and workload.
  • Implement a multi-stage approval process specific for each service request template

Ensure your new service initiatives are completed on-time and within budget

Project tracking for state administration

Overcome collaboration challenges, including effective project tracking, data auditing, and stakeholder communications, while maintaining budgetary oversight and meeting the project completion expectations of the public.

  • Maintain the right visibility and control for all levels of stakeholders by creating project roles with appropriate access privileges.
  • Stay ahead of project delays that result in budget overruns by visually monitoring resource management functions that display as informative color-coded Gantt charts.
  • Manage your project in parallel with other ITSM processes, and make data-driven decisions based on your project activities.

Redefine accountability and validate your service desk performance

ITSM analytics for Government help desk

Government laws, like the United States' Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA), mandate that federal agencies share insights and reports on their budget spending with the public. The integrated report generation capabilities in ServiceDesk Plus help you effortlessly stay compliant with this and similar regulations.

  • Construct custom reports using the configuration wizard that assists you in generating tailored and detailed reports in minutes.
  • Access 180+ reports out of the box that measure performance across service desk functions.
  • Easily monitor on-going IT activities and functions through intuitive dashboards that can be customized to display even third-party application data.
  • Leverage Analytics Plus integration that provides deep insights so your service desk technicians gain a greater understanding of your system's performance gaps.

Improve the digital employee experience to help ensure a pleasant work environment

Government help desk self service portal

Prioritize the employee experience to achieve mission objectives smoother. Eliminate complex procedures and extended internal processes required for employees to seek support. Let your employees obtain services faster in just a few clicks with ServiceDesk Plus.

  • Simplify service access with the enterprise self-service portal that lets your employees access the services of multiple desks, such as HR, payroll, and facilities, from a single console.
  • Provide a smart end-user experience with a customizable self-service portal (SSP) including built-in knowledge base, announcement panel, role-based access to widgets and modules, and a live support chat window.
  • Let your employees request information, data, or services in their natural conversational language, and foster greater employee engagement with the conversational virtual agent, Zia.

Run a tight ship with your agency's IT asset management

IT asset management for Government service desk software

Laws like the MEGABYTE Act of 2016 in the U.S, mandates that government CIOs maintain an inventory of all software licenses utilizing automatic discovery tools. ServiceDesk Plus helps your IT asset management stay compliant with this and similar regulations.

  • Stay accountable to each asset with the scheduled automatic asset discovery that can use both agent and agent-less methods in your IT environment.
  • Avoid unnecessary fines by safeguarding your agency's software licenses from non-compliance, and be aware of any grayware in your IT environment that could potentially harm your department.
  • Maintain a log of vendors and suppliers to help you automate the process of purchase interactions and contract renewals, ensuring complete traceability and visibility of the process.

Learn how the Ohio Department of Education streamlined their IT services with ServiceDesk Plus:

With more than 5,000 schools to manage in the state of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Education's productivity was adversely impacted due to an expected IT solution that snowballed, introducing inefficiencies into their processes and putting them in a sticky situation. Learn how they got their IT service management got back on track.

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