Technological advancements help you save more lives every day. But is your IT fit enough keep up?

New technology is doing amazing things for health care, from digitizing records to communicating online and setting appointments. But what happens when those systems go down? As health care rapidly moves online, making care more convenient for people around the world, IT management becomes more and more critical.

Thankfully, the prescription for secure, compliant, and high-performance IT is simple: ManageEngine.

Let your IT lead the way.

  • Resolve issues quickly

    Resolve issues quickly.

  • Ensure 24/7 network availability

    Ensure 24/7 network availability.

  • Manage and report on user access

    Manage and report on user

  • Guarantee security and compliance

    Guarantee security and

  • Manage equipment and devices

    Manage equipment and devices.

  • Resolve issues quickly.
  • Ensure 24/7 network availability.
  • Manage and report on user access.
  • Guarantee security and compliance.
  • Manage equipment and devices.

Deliver timely IT services.

When lives depend on it, time really is of the essence. Doctors and other staff demand quick issue resolution for quality care, but that's not always so easy. Help your IT team track and respond to every ticket in time.

Quick and efficient care.

  • Promptly handle complaints and requests.
  • Prioritize business-critical issues.
  • Enable easy use for technicians and users.
  • Monitor the health of your overall IT services.

Streamline IT support requests with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, so your doctors and other staff never have to wait. Simplify and declutter your IT by integrating your service desk with network alerts, device management, and user portals. Get everything you need in one place.

Case Studies

ManageEngine helps Cetero Research take control of its IT by simplifying chaotic service management processes and streamlining device management.
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Complement the best medical practices with the best IT support.

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Ensure constant network availability.

In the health-care industry, reliable computer networks could mean the difference between life and death. The quality of treatment can be significantly impacted by the availability of accurate data and network access.

Keep your applications and network up, even when you aren't.

  • Ensure high network uptime.
  • Monitor bandwidth availability for critical systems.
  • Instantly identify and respond to network failures or attacks.
  • Monitor networked medical equipment.

ManageEngine's IT operations solutions instantly alert you about any network or application performance disruptions and equip you to respond from anywhere, preventing downtime and service degradation. Ensure uninterrupted access to your network to provide your physicians the best possible platform.

Case Studies

ManageEngine helps a nonprofit health-care organization with offices across the US monitor and optimize its networks.
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When lives are riding on your network, don't risk downtime.

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Regulate access and ensure compliance.

Mismanaging health-care records can lead to grave consequences. Make sure only the right users have access to records to comply with HIPAA guidelines.

Let Active Directory be your lifeline.

  • Manage user accounts in bulk.
  • Report on HIPAA compliance.
  • Track user logon and activities.
  • Audit and back up your Active Directory.

ManageEngine's AD suite simplifies user account management, reporting, and compliance to just a few clicks. Keep your Active Directory healthy and eliminate repetitive day-to-day tasks.

Case Studies

ManageEngine helps Interfaith Medical Centre manage an ever-increasing employee population by simplifying user account management and compliance reporting.
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Cure your Active Directory management woes.

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Sanitize your IT environment.

Health care is the most targeted industry for cyber attacks and a security breach could be menacingly expensive, not to mention scary for patients and physicians alike. Given the sensitive nature of medical records, it's critical that your IT comply with security standards and best practices.

Keep your network and patients safe and sound.

  • Protect health records and critical patient data.
  • Audit user logons and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Secure and manage admin passwords.
  • Comply with HIPAA and other security standards.
  • Monitor network traffic and watch for attacks.

ManageEngine's security solutions help you protect valuable data, prevent unauthorized access, and secure your patients' trust. Ensure comprehensive security for your entire IT environment.

Case Studies

ManageEngine helps the Life Management Centre secure its server environment and comply with HIPAA and other security standards.
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Secure your IT, secure lives.

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Keep every component of your system up to date.

Keeping people healthy takes a lot of equipment. And keeping that equipment updated takes a lot of time and attention. Managing regular software updates, patches, and devices is truly critical to delivering quality care.

Monitor everything from one place. Manage medical equipment and other IP-based devices.

  • Control remote systems and install software and apps in bulk.
  • Manage patch deployment across multiple campuses.
  • Ensure timely maintenance of critical systems.

ManageEngine helps you manage all your organization's critical systems from a single console. Automate repetitive processes to guarantee only the best performance.

Case Studies

ManageEngine helped lighten the workload of the IT team at BMI Healthcare by automating desktop management and administering security policies.
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You take care of your IT, so your doctors can take care of their patients.

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