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Leverage IT to drive efficiency and innovation in your healthcare organization

Leverage IT to drive efficiency and innovation

The healthcare industry experiences three times as many data breaches as other sectors. This and other factors, such as the pandemic, the emergence of IoT devices, a large influx of data, and increasing patient expectations, have compelled healthcare organizations to reimagine traditional practices and heighten safety and security for patient care.

By employing suitable technical solutions, healthcare organizations can provide quality care, transform the patient experience, enhance operational efficiency, ensure compliance with regulations, and prioritize security.

By using AI-powered analytics, automation, hybrid cloud infrastructure, and IT management solutions, you can:

  • Modernize your healthcare operations
    Modernize your healthcare operations
  • Elevate the patient experience and the staff experience
    Elevate the patient experience and the staff experience
  • Safeguard healthcare data
    Safeguard healthcare data
  • Develop secure and efficient systems
    Develop secure and efficient systems
  • Utilize data analytics for optimization
    Utilize data analytics for optimization

Embrace digital transformation to build a smart, secure, people-centric healthcare system

Enhance patient care

Implement self-service patient portals that allow patients to schedule appointments, access medical records, request prescription refills, and educate themselves about their conditions.

Enable telemedicine using remote management solutions to remotely aid diagnoses and treatment.

Leverage predictive analysis to process large volumes of healthcare data and derive actionable insights. Gather evidence-based recommendations and alerts for diagnoses, treatment, and medication.

Customize your help desk Get the remote work essentials Discover data analytics

Enhance patient care

Streamline service management

Enable efficient healthcare-related service request management with the help of workflow automation. Additionally, manage critical incidents with proactive incident detection, impact assessment, and resolution.

Keep track of licensing compliance, IT expenditures, and asset depreciation using a centralized asset repository to manage your healthcare IT infrastructure effectively.

Deliver services efficiently Achieve comprehensive ITSM

Streamline service management

Ensure data privacy and safety

Manage your remote workforce and their access to sensitive data. Assign only the required level of access to a patient's health information to doctors, nurses, health insurance executives, and others who are directly responsible for that patient.

Provide secure, role-based access to protect patient privacy. Enhance security by monitoring Active Directory, real-time audits, and Exchange servers. Implement alerts and block unauthorized ePHI transfers via email.

Prevent ransomware attacks and data breaches in your hybrid environment by collecting logs from network devices and leveraging machine learning to detect anomalies.

Manage employee and patient data Protect sensitive data Leverage ransomware detection

Ensure data privacy and safety

Improve compliance management

Stay compliant with government regulations to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of ePHI. Embrace HIPAA and HITECH to prevent insider privilege abuse, foster trust, and reduce business risks.

Monitor and track access to patient health information by recording actions on files and folders. Record and analyze user logon and logoff events across devices, network components, and mailboxes to detect potential abuse.

Track changes in Active Directory and generate audit reports for compliance management. Securely archive audit logs to review user activities, conduct forensic analysis, and ensure compliance.

Meet data security standards Be compliance-ready

Improve compliance management

Simplify device and network management

Effortlessly manage your network and IT assets that are connected to vital medical equipment. Gain visibility into device attributes and dependencies through a CMDB. Secure all medical endpoints, detect intrusions, and ensure continuous availability with AI-powered monitoring.

From procurement to disposal, effortlessly handle the life cycle of IT assets. Automate the bulk deployment of security patches for hospital endpoints and third-party apps to safeguard against vulnerabilities.

Remotely manage installations of apps and protect medical devices with permissions and blocking. Proactively monitor all devices, like network equipment, servers, VMs, printers, storage devices, and other smart devices specifically designed for your healthcare environment.

Employ real-time operations management Gain visibility into IT infrastructure Comprehensive network monitoring

Simplify device and network management

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