Whitepaper: Healthcare IT and privileged access security

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The advent of internet of medical things (IoMT) has brought a massive digital transformation to healthcare organizations. Along with better patient care and improved efficiency, the varieties of connected medical devices also bring about increased privacy, safety, and security challenges.

Although the healthcare sector offers critical medical services, it’s plagued by a myriad of cybersecurity-related issues that are not always considered or addressed by healthcare organizations. With an ever-expanding medical ecosystem, it’s imperative for healthcare firms to have robust security measures in place. Healthcare organizations should also have continual awareness of IoMT challenges and the best security practices to follow.

This whitepaper talks about the various types of IoMT devices, the security and privacy risks associated with them, and the general cyberattack trends in the healthcare industry. It also explains how you can build a strong security posture around your entire network to acknowledge the growing cyberattacks.

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