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ADSelfService Plus helps Elder Outreach resolve its password expiration problems

About Elder Outreach

Elder Outreach is a non-profit organization and an assisted living facility in Louisiana, United States, that provides healthcare to those who can no longer live safely or comfortably at home. It offers long-term care and short-term rehabilitation services in a home-like environment. Founded over 35 years ago, Elder Outreach is spread across five Louisiana communities and four Arkansas affiliates. It continues to transform the standard of care in nursing homes with a vision to encourage and support residents by creating strong, passionate, and meaningful communities.

Business challenge: Help desk tickets related to password expiration

Shawn Parker, the IT system administrator of Elder Outreach, said, "No one was changing their password until after they realized it had expired. They weren’t getting notified before."

The employees of Elder Outreach did not change their AD passwords until after they expired. There was no means to inform them that the expiration dates for their passwords were nearing. This affected their productivity because they were caught unaware when their passwords expired and weren't able to quickly log on to their machines during work hours. Elder Outreach's IT service desk had many incoming support requests related to expired passwords, which took a toll on the company's expenses.


Elder Outreach




United States

Users are changing their passwords before they expire. Help desk calls requesting help with password changes have reduced drastically.

- said Shawn Parker, IT system administrator, Elder Outreach


Elder Outreach began searching for a solution that would notify users beforehand about their password expiration status. Soon enough, the company found ADSelfService Plus, a comprehensive AD self-service password management solution, to solve all its password expiration problems.

"Deploying ADSelfService Plus was simple and cost-effective," said Parker about the deployment process of ADSelfService Plus.

How ADSelfService Plus helped

ADSelfService Plus' password expiration notifier allowed Elder Outreach's IT admins to notify employees about their impending password expiration via email, SMS, or push notifications. These reminders were scheduled to alert specific users daily, weekly, or on specific days before password expiration, as it's highly unlikely that the users would respond to a one-time password change alert.

Moreover, ADSelfService Plus allowed email and SMS expiration messages to be customized using specific instructions and images to make them more personal or imperative. The customizable email templates included HTML editing and attachment options. These notifications also informed users about their account's status in addition to password expiration details.

Password account expiration notification

About ADSelfService Plus

ADSelfService Plus is an identity security solution with adaptive MFA, SSO, and password management capabilities. It offers self-service password reset and account unlock; SSO for applications supporting SAML, OAuth, and OpenID Connect protocols; and MFA for machine, VPN, and application logons, amongst other features. ADSelfService Plus also offers both Android and iOS mobile apps to facilitate password management for end users anywhere, anytime. ADSelfService Plus reduces IT costs and takes your organization a step closer towards establishing a Zero Trust environment.

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