Take complete control of data in the cloud, both at rest and in motion

Protect data theft and prevent unauthorized data access in the cloud using Log360.


Protect data
in the cloud avidly, immediately, and thoroughly.

ManageEngine Log360, a unified SIEM solution integrated with cloud access security broker (CASB) capabilities provides complete visibility into who can access your data in the cloud, and where and how your data is stored.

Business critical information stored in the cloud is prone to cyberattacks. In the cloud, streamlining access controls is tedious. Additionally, the scope for identifying the complete list of users who have access to your sensitive information is minimal. With Log360's CASB integration, you can configure data leak prevention (DLP) policies in the cloud to minimize unauthorized accesses and data exfiltration attempts.


Detect and mitigate threats for data at rest

  • If an unauthorized user is accessing a sensitive file in the cloud, Log360's CASB capabilities will flag the event as malicious.
  • You will be notified in real time of data access attempts via SMS and email.
  • You can investigate the objective behind the file access attempts and take remedial action utilizing Log360.

Detect and mitigate threats for data in movement

  • Log360 performs deep packet inspection and analyzes the content uploaded to cloud applications and platforms.
  • Log360 provides analytics for upload requests made to Google, Dropbox, Yahoo, SharePoint, Zoho applications, and more.
  • Log360 identifies malicious files such as malware and ransomware being uploaded to your cloud applications and remediate such attacks.

Prevent unwanted data exfiltration

  • Log360 helps you detect continuous and unauthorized data downloads from your cloud platforms.
  • Using Log360, cloud being accessed, manipulated, copied, and downloaded will be tracked. The digital footprints in the cloud will be recorded by Log360's CASB integration and in-depth analytics will be provided on users preying on data in the cloud.
  • Log360 will also give you insights on top users based on abnormal download sizes to help you prevent data exfiltration.

Why choose Log360
for cloud data protection?