Analyze data vulnerabilities with Log360

Log360 helps you classify and secure sensitive data.

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Data risk assessment with Log360

Organizations often deal with a lot of sensitive data; for instance, healthcare organizations handle immense amounts of sensitive patient information. This information can be exploited by attackers if not stored in a secure location.

Data risk assessment refers to the process of evaluating the locations where critical data of an organization is stored. It involves classifying files based on their sensitivity and providing necessary security for them.

Log360's role in ensuring data protection

Log360—ManageEngine's unified SIEM solution that offers integrated DLP and CASB capabilities—helps you discover, analyze, and protect sensitive information stored in your network. Log360 also monitors access to sensitive information and provides real time alerts whenever an unauthorized access request is raised.


Discover personal

Log360 can discover sensitive data on your network and provide exhaustive reports on stored data. You can protect your sensitive personal information such as email addresses and credit card numbers with data discovery policies and configure alerts for unauthorized access.

Edit rule

Categorize files
based on sensitivity

Log360 helps you classify files based on the amount of risk associated with them and based on the type of personal information they contain. This lets you decide the level of security required for each file and prioritize the ones with highly confidential information.

Rule configuration

Comply with
IT mandates

Log360 helps you meet compliance mandates such as the GDPR, PCI DSS, and more by providing exhaustive reports on access to personal information.

Audit report


You can revoke permissions based on the roles of employees. Log360 helps you discover unsecured sensitive files and lets you delete or quarantine them.

Data Security

Why choose Log360 for behavior-based attack detection?

    Configuring alerts

    Configure alerts for data storage policy violations and respond by executing custom scripts to address data that violates sensitive data storage policies.

    User monitoring based on risk scores

    View users with high risk scores and sensitive data violations to initiate prompt action to offset data violations.

    Optimize server analytics

    Scan file servers and SQL servers for PII using regular expression matching.

    Meet compliance requirements

    Log360 helps you meet compliance mandates such as the GDPR, PCI DSS, and more by providing exhaustive reports on access to personal information.