eDiscovery made simple with Log360

eDiscovery is the process of collecting, identifying, and producing electronically stored information in case of investigations or legal requirements. Organizations are obliged to locate sensitive files and produce them to authorities as and when required.

Log360 helps you monitor files, classify them based on their sensitivity, and establish policies to ensure integrity.

Log Trend

Sensitive data discovery

Identify and locate sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers and driver's license details with predefined policies. Further, establish stronger security policies for files based on their sensitivity.

Sensitive Data Discovery
Secured File Retention

Secured file retention

Log360 helps store critical files for future requirements. It also makes sure that the files aren't tampered with, ensuring the integrity of stored files. Using the file analysis capability, you can identify stale files and remove them instantly to ensure that sensitive files aren't stored past their retention period.

Comply with regulatory mandates

Log360 helps organizations comply with various requirements and standards. The integrated compliance module helps organizations meet the requirements of compliance regulations such as the GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc. and generate compliance reports using predefined templates.

Regulatory Mandates

5 reasons why Log360 is your best bet

  • Log forensics

    The solution's intuitive search engine allows administrators to drill down into logs and reconstruct incidents and identify loopholes.

  • Machine-learning-based anomaly detection

    Log360 comes with a built-in UEBA module that helps detect anomalies based on user and entity behavior.

  • Integrated DLP

    Log360 constantly monitors database for modifications and provides real-time alerts when unauthenticated changes are made.

  • End-to-end incident management

    Log360 comes with an incident management module that helps administrators manage incidents efficiently.

  • Compliance management

    The solution provides exhaustive reports on various network activities, helping you meet compliance regulations.