Threat detection

Guard your network against malicious intruders.

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Threat intelligence

Block malicious intruders using frequently updated threat feeds.

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Threat hunting

Find malicious actors and potential hidden attacks that have slipped through your initial security defenses by leveraging advanced threat analytics.

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Dark web monitoring

Uncover hidden threats and sensitive data exposed in the dark web before it impacts your business. With dark web intelligence, get early warnings of credential leaks, supply chain credential breaches, and financial fraud.

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External threat mitigation

Leverage STIX/TAXII format threat feeds to discover malicious IPs, domains, and URLs through threat intelligence.

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Internal threat mitigation

Get alerted about and block malicious traffic to or from blacklisted IP addresses, domains, and URLs in real time, and get recommended options to remediate threats with predefined workflow rules.

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Attack detection

Detect security threats accurately and curb cyberattacks thoroughly.

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Rule-based: Real-time correlation

Detect security threats accurately by correlating suspicious events throughout your network with Log360's event log correlation engine.

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Behavior-based: ML-based UEBA

Identify insider threats through user and entity behavior analytics, which leverages machine learning for accurate threat detection.

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Signature-based: MITRE ATT&CK

Prioritize threats that occur earlier in the attack chain by using MITRE ATT&CK framework in Log360.

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Simplify your defense against threats with Vigil IQ, Log360's advanced TDIR engine

Utilize the power of Vigil IQ, Log360's robust threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) system, that provides immediate visibility into security threats with its real-time correlation, ML-based adaptive alerts, UEBA, MITRE ATT&CK framework adoption, intuitive security analytics, and SOAR.

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Integrated DLP

Identify unusual file or data accesses, cut down malicious communication to command and control (C&C) servers, and prevent data from being exfiltrated.

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Locate, classify, and preserve electronic information that is required as evidence in litigation using Log360.

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Content-aware protection

Monitor access to sensitive information stored in your network and ensure data protection.

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Data risk assessment

Protect sensitive enterprise information, evaluate the locations where critical data is stored, and ensure data security.

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File integrity monitoring

Track critical activities such as creation, deletion, access, modification, and renames on your files and folders, and get alerted to suspicious activity through file integrity monitoring.

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Integrated CASB

Regulate access to sensitive data in the cloud, track the use of sanctioned and unsanctioned applications, and detect the use of shadow IT applications in your infrastructure.

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Shadow IT monitoring

Discover shadow applications in your network, track users who request access to shadow applications, and gain insights on recently accessed shadow applications.

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Cloud security monitoring

Safeguard cloud accounts from unauthorized access and ensure the protection of cloud-based data assets.

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Web content filtering

Protect your organization's network against web-based attacks by blocking access to malicious applications and websites.

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Cloud data protection

Prevent data exfiltration attempts by monitoring unauthorized accesses and unauthorized data downloads.

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Real-time security analytics

Monitor important resources in your network in real time.

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Log and data management

Collect and analyze logs from various sources in your environment, including end-user devices, and get insights in the form of graphs and intuitive reports that help spot security threats.

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Unified analytical console

Log360's Incident Workbench integrates user analytics, process hunting, and advanced threat analytics into a single console. Utilize the Incident Workbench to gain contextual insights and to conduct hassle-free investigations, enabling faster threat resolution.

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Real-time AD auditing

Track all security events in your AD environment including security group membership changes, unauthorized logon attempts, account lockouts, and OU permission changes.

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Securing the remote workforce

Ensure a secure remote work environment by detecting cloud-, VPN-, and COVID-19-related security threats.

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Expedite incident resolution by prioritizing security threats and automating responses to detected security incidents through standard workflows, saving time and effort in your security operations.

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Incident response

Accelerate threat mitigation through real-time alert notifications and automated incident response workflows.

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Incident management

Reduce the mean time to detect (MTTD) and the mean time to resolve (MTTR) an incident by quickly detecting, categorizing, analyzing, and resolving an incident accurately with a centralized console.

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Automate responses to threats at every stage with prebuilt workflows and automatic ticket assignment.

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Gain meaningful security context from collected log data to identify security events quickly and streamline incident management by integrating with external ticketing tools.

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Integrated compliance management

Meet regulatory requirements with ease.

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Audit-ready templates

Simplify security audit by meeting compliance requirements with 150+ ready-to-use reports.

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Secured log archival

Tamper-proof log archive files to ensure the log data is secured for future forensic analysis, compliance and internal audits.

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Incident timelines

Backtrack security incidents using incident timelines when a suspicious activity is recorded.

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Forensic analysis

Reconstruct crime scenes and conduct root cause analysis using a wide range of features such as Advanced Threat Analytics, Correlation, Workflows, etc.

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Defend against insider threats, account compromise, and data exfiltration by monitoring user behavior.

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Behavior analytics

Detect suspicious activities from users and entities in your network by utilizing machine learning techniques.

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Integrated risk management

Gain complete visibility into an organization’s security and risk posture.

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Dynamic peer grouping

Detect anomalies on a granular level by grouping users in a network based on behavior exhibited by them and establishing a baseline for the group.

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UEBA for threat detection

Detect anomalous behavior in your network and defend against unusual security threats with ease.

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Log360 for SOC

Detect security threats, identify anomalous user behavior, trace suspicious network activity with real-time alerts, systematically resolve security incidents with workflow management, and comply with IT audits—all under one roof.

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Log360 for security professionals

Monitor all network devices, detect intrusions, and vulnerabilities through event correlation, behavioral monitoring, threat intelligence, and more. Get alerted to high-risk security events.

Optimize SOC metrics with Log360

Streamline and optimize security operations with visibility into key metrics like mean time to detect (MTTD), mean time to respond (MTTR), and more with Log360's incident dashboard.

Log360 for compliance managers

Adhere to compliance regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, SOX, as well as those recently enacted and enforced across the globe. Get notified of compliance violations in real time.

Machine Learning-enhanced adaptive threshold for alerts

Revolutionize your SOC with an advanced dual-layered approach, focusing on high-precision alerts to ensure attention is directed only towards significant threats.

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Security and risk posture management

Assess your Active Directory (AD) and MS SQL servers for security risks and get granular visibility into weak or risky configurations.

Active Directory

Gain granular visibility into your AD infrastructure's compliance to harden your risk posture, calculate your AD security score, and comply with industry regulations.

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MS SQL server

Meet benchmark requirements set by the Center for Internet Security (CIS), calculate the risk percentage of your SQL servers, and obtain remedial measures and insights to ensure SQL server security.

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Active Directory Security and Risk Posture

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