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What is a file transfer?

File transfer is the process of transferring files or data from one system to another over a network—locally, remotely, or via the cloud. Bundled with the right remote access management tool, file transfer enables admins to address security challenges, and track the movement of critical information within and across their enterprise network.

The need for secure file transfer tools

Today, most IT operations and integrations between software and applications require file transfer, and the volume and size of these files keeps growing. Users often need the ability to share large files with customers, third parties, and internal staff. However, because of the size limitations placed by IT administrators on the size of file attachments, users rely on third-party services for transferring large files. These file sharing services are insecure, and may even infect the files with malware or other security vulnerabilities. For organizations exchanging large volumes of data and requiring efficient file delivery, adopting traditional file transfer methods, like File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or email attachments, is simply ineffective and perilous.

When organizations operate on a global scale, transferring files from remote locations is often a daunting task. Sending files across the globe presents time constraints and challenges in managing the overall file transfer activities. Transfer of large files can be lengthy, resulting in connection losses and slow delivery.

Bidirectional file transfers via Access Manager Plus

Access Manager Plus provides a central console to streamline organizational file transfers, ensuring fast and simple transfers regardless of geographic location. It enables privileged users to transfer files between a remote system and the local host, or between two remote systems, based on their preset role permissions. It also enables admins to track mission-critical information flow within and across an enterprise.

Access Manager Plus supports bidirectional file transfer through the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). SFTP is an extension of FTP that adds support for data encryption, with no predefined size limit, allowing easy and secure transfer of even large files. It enables users to upload and download files up to 16MB per file between their host system and the remote resource through SFTP.

Secure bidirectional file transfer between two remote systems - Access Manager Plus
Secure bidirectional file transfer between two remote systems


Access Manager Plus also provides access controls for file transfer activities. To perform file transfer on a resource for which access control is enabled, users need to send a password request to their administrator. Upon approval, users will be able to perform file transfers on that connection for the stipulated time.

Seamless file upload and download capabilities

Apart from file transfer, Access Manager Plus allows users to upload and download files to and from any remote system without the need to initiate a remote session. Once Access Manager Plus authenticates the chosen resource, it will enumerate all the directories present in that particular remote system. Users can then choose the directory to or from which they need to upload or download files.

Upload and download files - Access Manager Plus
Upload and download files