Apple MDM

Apple has always been the preferred OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) of choice, when it comes to enterprises thanks to its security and productivity related features. However, managing Apple devices has always been an issue for IT adminstrators as with security comes complexity. However, Apple itself realized and came up free solutions of its own, namely Apple Profile Manager and Apple Configurator. It too proved difficult for IT admins as the former was a very primitive Apple MDM solution while Apple Configurator doesn't support management over-the-air. This led to a need for an Apple-based MDM solution, which supports advance features as well as support OTA management.

ManageEngine MDM MSP is an Apple MDM, with support for all Apple devices such as iPods, iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs and Mac machines. It provides end-to-end support for managing all Apple devices right from installing apps to securing its communications, thus making it a comprehensive Apple MDM solution.

MDM MSP has also integrated with Apple to provide support Apple Business Manager(a combination of Apple VPP (Volume Purchase Program) and Apple DEP(Device Enrollment Program), further improving the extensive management capabilities as this integration makes management a breeze for IT administrators. 

Here are the list of features supported for Apple by MDM:

Automated On-boarding

The first step to manage Apple devices is to add them to MDM MSP and this process can be done easily with MDM MSP using a few steps. Further, the Apple DEP integration and support for Apple Configurator ensures several devices can be enrolled at once, with minimal admin intervention and almost no user interaction

Efficient App Management

MDM MSP lets you build your own enterprise app catalog, containing a combination of App Store apps as well as in-house enteprise apps, which then be easily distributed and installed on Apple devices. Further, the integration of Apple VPP(Volume Purchase Program) with MDM MSP, ensures you can have the apps silently installed/deleted/updated without any user intervention. Further, MDM MSP also helps you managing licenses of paid apps by providing details such as the total licenses, licenses utilized etc. Also, MDM MSP lets you pre-configure settings on the apps during installation ensuring the app is ready to be used immediately on installation.

Simplified Configurations

One most important feature anyone would expect from an Apple MDM is the capability to remotely configure certain settings on the device, making the device ready for usage without the user having to configure it. MDM MSP supports 10+ policies which lets you configure all basic settings on the device such as Wi-Fi, VPN etc.,

Easy Inventory Management

As an IT administrator, you are expected to maintain details reagrding the device stock as well as granular details such as device warranty etc., With MDM MSP details regarding Apple devices can be generated as reports automatically and also mailed to the requisite team, based on your scenario.

Extensive Security Settings

One of the primary reasons for IT adminstrator to prefer Apple MDM solutions over the set of tools provided by Apple, is that the extensive security settings provided by Apple MDM solutions. With support for both proactive securituy and reactive security, MDM MSP provides with a set of options to protect data at rest, data in motion and data in use.


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