Dynamic mobile application management (MAM)

Streamline application management for mobile devices.

As app usage continues to rise both in and out of the workplace, smartphones are gaining popularity in many industries. From a corporate standpoint, it's easy to see why mobile apps have become so popular. Unlike larger programs which are typically found on workstations and laptops—and are loaded with features most users will never use—apps are small, focused, and easy to use. To add to this, productivity apps are available for many different industrial and business tasks. And now that mobile applications are common in many enterprises, securing your corporate data has never been more important.

Mobile application management (MAM) is the practice of managing and controlling access to enterprise applications within a business environment.

With Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP's simple and practical mobile application management feature, you can effectively streamline the app management process on end users' devices and track the entire life cycle of apps, from purchase to retirement.

Regulated app distribution to mobile devices

Systematically distribute apps to iOS, Android, and Windows devices using our MAM platform.

  1. Build your own enterprise app catalog:

    There are two kinds of apps: enterprise apps and apps from the App Store or Google Play Store. With our mobile app management feature, you can create an app repository or an app catalog to retain apps and distribute them either to individual devices or groups of devices.

  2. Install apps without user intervention:

    Different mobile devices use different operating systems, and apps that run on one mobile OS might not run on another. What's more is that certain business productivity apps might be available only on select mobile OSs. Instead of requiring employees to install a set of productivity apps on their device, which can be time-consuming, you can install specific apps using Mobile Device Manager Plus without any user intervention.

  3. Manage app licenses:

    If an employee leaves their role for any reason, then you need to revoke the app licenses installed on that individual's mobile device. Manage and revoke distributed app licenses in just a few clicks using Mobile Device Manager Plus.

Manage apps, the smart way

With Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP, enterprise application management is no longer a complex task. Customize profiles and policies to intuitively manage commercial and enterprise apps simultaneously on multiple devices. Some of the key app management features include:

  1. Over-the-air app management for groups and devices:

    Different departments have different app requirements. With Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP, you can wirelessly and remotely manage apps for a single device or multiple devices.

  2. Lock down apps on devices:

    Certain industry sectors that use devices in their daily operations require devices that only run a few apps. Use Kiosk Mode in Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP to lock down certain functions to only allow access to select apps.

  3. Apply app configurations remotely:

    Preconfigure app settings on employees' devices so that end users can use apps immediately after receiving their device.

Secure data access for mobile apps

Configure and enforce app compliance to allow only approved apps to access corporate data. The key app security features include:

  1. Blacklist and whitelist applications:

    Blacklist specific apps in your corporate network that could cause security threats or impact productivity.

  2. Containerize BYOD apps:

    Separate corporate and personal apps on each device to manage and secure corporate data in your BYOD environment.

  3. Restrict app data backup:

    Prevent apps on end users' devices from being uploaded or stored on any form of storage media.

Audit your app inventory and generate reports

With a smart auditing system, Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP can keep tabs on which apps are downloaded and provide information on how much they're used. Obtain granular details on the kind of apps users access, so you can take decisive action. Our MAM feature offers:

  1. App deployment status:

    Get a complete view of the apps that are in use within your network.

  2. Reports on apps:

    Pull reports based on apps available in the devices within your network. Also generate reports based on specific apps that are used by employees.

 Find out more about mobile application management with Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP here.