How to add app configurations for Zoho Mail iOS?  


App Configurations ensure the app is pre-configured during installation thereby not requiring any user intervention for configuring the app while also ensuring the app is ready to use on installation



  • Open the App Configurations file and add the following piece of XML code:

  •   <key>serverURL</key>
      <key>Device Managed By MDM</key>
      <key>Print mail content</key>
      <key>Share data</key>
      <key>Remote wipe data</key>
      <key>Restrict disabling passcode</key>

  • On the MDM server, click on Device Mgmt and select App Repository from the left menu.
  • Select Zoho Mail from the App Repository and click on the App Configurations tab.
  • Upload the updated XML file, which gets distributed with the app. 
  • Once done, select Groups & Devices from the left pane.
  • Select the group(s)/device(s) to which the apps must be associated and click on Distribute Apps.
  • The app is distributed to the App Catalog present in the ME MDM app on the device, from where the user can install the app. The app on installation becomes ready for use as it has been pre-configured. To install the apps without user intervention, click here