How to migrate your accounts from Device Enrollment Program or Volume Purchase Program to Apple Business Manager?


To simplify managing Apple devices and apps, Apple has combined the capabilities of the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP) to a single portal now known as Apple Business Manager (ABM). Organizations can now migrate their accounts from DEP ( and VPP ( to the new portal ( In case you are an educational institution, you can make use of a similar portal known as the Apple School Manager ( which gives educational instituations the power to manage their students and their devices.


Follow the steps given below to migrate to ABM/ASM:

  • Login to the VPP portal or the DEP portal using your corporate ID with administrative privilege. You will be prompted to migrate to the ABM portal. Click on Get Started.
  • You will be redirected to the ABM portal. Click on Get Started to initiate the migration process.
  • Click on Next to agree to the changes and enter your organization's domain to create a new managed ID.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions after which your organization will be successfully upgraded to ABM.

What happens after migration?

Once you migrate to the new portal, all your managed devices and apps will be available in ABM. You can continue managing these devices and apps using Mobile Device Manager Plus, without changing the tokens till it expires. After which, you will have to regenerate the tokens from the ABM portal.

After migration, all your organization's accounts will be available in the ABM portal. You will have to associate locations and roles to these technicians. The administrator will have to associate the required roles to these technicians.The Device Manager role must be assigned to the technicians managing the devices and Content Manager role to the technicians who are responsible for managing the your organization's apps.

The server tokens for managing apps in the ABM portal are created based on different locations instead of users. This means that any apps added to that location can be managed by all the technicians responsible for that location.

Note: If you are evaluating Mobile Device Manager Plus, it is recommended to create a new location in the ABM portal for testing purposes instead of using the locations and tokens in production.