Apple for Education

Enterprises aren't the only places where mobile devices are gaining importance. Schools and other educational institutions have begun adopting smartphones and tablets in particular. Chances are your school has a few of these devices, too.

To make this migration towards mobile use easier for schools, Apple has introduced Apple School Manager. Apple School Manager is a portal for managing the people, devices, and files (including documents and course materials) that make up educational institutions, all from a single console. Here at Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP, we've extended our support to Apple School Manager to ensure that all your device management needs are met.

Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP works with Apple School Manager to give you access to:

  • Simplified device enrollment: Add devices to your Apple School Manager portal directly using DEP enrollment.
  • Bulk app distribution: Use Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP to prepare your devices with all the required apps in them before handing them over to students. Keep track of all the apps that are present on these devices, even after they've been distributed to students.
  • Better segregation of devices and users: Group teachers with their respective students based on their classes to make sure students have the right resources at all times.

Classroom app

In addition to Apple School Manager, Apple's Classroom app allows teachers to conduct classes using iPads. Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP supports the Classroom app for all-around classroom management.

Using Classroom with Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP allows teachers to:

  • Remotely view their students' device screens with the Classroom app.
  • Remotely lock devices into required apps, ensuring no other app can be accessed while classes are being conducted.
  • Share content to all students' devices using AirDrop.

By default, teachers have to get students' permission before using any of the above device management features. But with Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP, teachers can control students' devices without having to ask for permission every time.

We're working on rolling out even more Apple education-related features to Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP, including Managed Classrooms. Interested in a particular feature? Click here to let us know which features you'd like to see.