Manage OS updates

Every update that is released for an operating system provides additional features and also fixes any bugs present in its predecessor, making OS updates a critical task in every organization. A mobile device management solution should be able to control these updates to ensure that all their devices have the required updates installed. Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP allows the admin to create policies that outline the various aspects of updates available for iOS and Android devices- namely when to update, devices to update etc. 

Why a MDM solution should manage OS updates?

Following are the reasons why OS update management is a primary task for MDM solutions:

  1. Maintain an updated workforce- With mobile devices taking the center stage in many organizations, it is important that these devices stay up to date with all the OS and app updates.
  2. Prevent choking the network- Major OS updates are data heavy and simultaneous download of such updates may lead to clogging of the enterprises network.
  3. Test updates before deployment- Some updates may not be supported by certain enterprise apps. Therefore, it is important to get a green signal from the IT admin before updating devices.

Using Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP, admins can control the OS updates that are available in the managed mobile devices. Admin can control all of the following when an update is available:

  • Delay an update- Admin can delay the OS update, to allow the organization to ensure that this update is compatible with their existing workforce.
  • Notify users about available updates- Admin can choose to notify the users that their devices have an update pending. In addition to the notification, admin can also optionally give the user permission to skip the OS deployment. If the user skips the deployment, the deployment will occur during the next deployment cycle.
  • Choose when the deployment should occur- The admin can decide the deployment window, during which the devices will be updated. This will ensure that OS updates do not affect the productivity of the workforce.