Apply app configurations remotely

End users often need to configure settings on their devices before using a new app. Some of these settings are part of a one-time setup, while others are required every time the user accesses the app.

Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP supports Managed App Configuration, which gives admins the power to apply these settings remotely when apps are distributed. With preconfigured settings, end users can use apps immediately upon distribution.

The Managed App Configuration feature is available for all iOS devices and supported on Android devices under the Android for Work functionality.

Managed App Configuration enables admins to perform the following activities remotely:

  • Apply settings such as server URL, ports, and SSL information, that are required during the initial setup process.
  • Enter dynamic details, like user email address, that vary between devices.
  • Apply policies and restrictions to regulate the use of certain app features.
  • Restrict access to enterprise apps to managed devices only.


Read our help document to find out how to implement this feature.